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1C barn

16605 Dancing Wolf Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80908
1C barn



In Colorado Springs, CO, people can enjoy the beautiful venue called 1C barn. The amenities available at this venue really help couples get their perfect wedding celebration in Colorado Springs. 1C barn is a beautiful wedding venue, which can create a wonderful atmosphere for the bride, the groom, and their guests. 1C barn caters not only to Colorado Springs locals, but also to people in the surrounding cities. There are many fantastic aspects to this venue which will help make the big day extra special. is very pleased to help couples find the perfect wedding venue in Colorado Springs. 1C barn could be the venue to make your dreams come true.


  • Sydney Coen

    As someone who avidly reads reviews of locations and products before purchase, I felt that I needed to sit down and share my experiences with 1C Barn. I hosted my wedding at this location on July 2nd, with approximately 50 guests. Throughout and after my stay there were a number of concerns that I felt were not handled appropriately. First, landscaping. Prior to my stay I had visited 1C barn at least twice, where I had asked questions surrounding the landscaping of the property, specifically that of the ceremony area. I had been told that all landscaping would be taken care of, weeds would be taken care of, and I had just come between the mowing/landscaping schedule when I stopped by for a tour. When I arrived, this was not the case. The aisle was covered in weeds and dandelions and even the grass needed to be mowed. Because of this, my husband and I spent hours the day before our wedding picking weeds and recruiting family to help mow in order for the property to look adequate for our wedding day. The reason this was especially frustrating was because I had specifically clarified and asked to ensure this would be taken care of, and it was not. Upon discussing this after the stay, I was told by the owner, Alyce, that they were a “country home that does not tout manicured grounds”. I completely understand this and that would be absolutely acceptable, if landscaping had not been previously discussed with the owner’s daughter, Andrea, who handles stay details via email prior to our stay. Additionally, both flower pots on the front door patio area contained dead plants, which I had to move and replace with actual live plants before the wedding to ensure the property looked nice. As it concerns those who are hosting events or ceremonies, I do want to mention that many of the benches provided are also broken as well as the ping pong table that barely stands.

    As for the stay itself, things went smoothly, aside from cleaning equipment/supplies being locked up with paper towels and toilet paper, only leaving 1 already existing roll. While the contract signed did state we would receive ‘a starter supply’ of toilet paper and paper towels, this issue still remains a little frustrating for a home that is being advertised as a WEDDING VENUE accommodating 65 people. I can’t think of another wedding venue that requires its guests to bring their own cleaning supplies, paper towels, or toilet paper. More frustrations come from after the stay, where I checked out a day early, letting the owner’s daughter know via email. The day of our actual check out, it appeared that the owner, Alyce, had been cleaning the home and was texting me to ask where the shepherd hooks for the aisle were, which I did not use or know of. After letting her know this I stated “please let me know if I left anything behind. I think we grabbed everything but if not, I am in town and can swing by” from there she responded she had not seen anything. The following morning, after realizing my sister left her shoes there I quickly texted her back to let her know in which she responded “there were some black shoes. They may be in the trash in the garage”. I felt this was EXTREMELY disrespectful and unprofessional after I had specifically told her I could pick anything up left behind, and she had said she didn’t see anything. As an individual whose family also runs VRBO’s in Colorado Springs, I can’t imagine ever treating someone this way, let alone a wedding party? Lastly, after all was said and done and I expressed my frustrations via email in hopes to come to a resolution, only a portion of my security deposit was returned. The reasoning for this was apparently that 2 door jams were broken, which feels impossible as we didn’t even close the two doors they referred to and we did thorough walk-throughs of the home before leaving. I feel like I would have noticed that one of the door jams was completely torn off and just leaning against an adjacent wall as seen in the photo I was sent?! With that said, in these photos there were also dog foot prints, which made me believe it was from a previous stay because we did not have dogs in the home or on the property at all. And even if the damage was from me, which I am so sure it was not, I would think after guests having to weed wack, mow, and pick weeds the day before their wedding the least they could do would be to return the security deposit.

    I am hoping this review is not responded to so harshly from the owners as seen in other reviews where they state “you made the choice to write a scathing review of a small family owned business operated by women, veterans, minorities, and persons with disabilities,” in response to an unsatisfied customer. Instead of further arguing and ridiculing the customer, rectification goes a long way. With that said, I can see that I am not the only unsatisfied customer they have had, although the situation still remains frustrating. For a location that is advertising as an event and wedding venue, there is an outstanding concern for professionalism, accommodation, and consideration for its guests. Additionally, how they choose to rectify, or lack thereof, a poorly handled situation is not appropriate for a business, family owned or not. I would think especially for a family, working with individuals during stressful times such as their wedding they would treat people with more kindness, compassion, and accommodation. It appears they are not on the same page with each other, and small details are neglected. I hope this review helps others to realistically understand what to expect when staying here.
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