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The Cost of a Wedding Dress

The Cost of a Wedding Dress

The cost of wedding dresses in the U.S. varies a lot. Every state offers them at different prices. The prices range from $500 to $2,000, but it is common to find some shops selling at a lower price or above the given range. The cost of the wedding dress is determined by how detailed it is. The couple is willing to spend their hard-earned money to own this precious fabric. Since a wedding is a one-time ceremony, the owner of the bridal salon may take advantage of that and hikes the prices.

If you can’t afford to part with huge sums doesn’t mean that you can’t have a decent dress on your wedding day. There are cheaper ones, but you are at liberty to rent one at a lesser fee.

The factor that causes variation in term of cost for a wedding dress involves:

  • The type of fabric. If the bride goes for the best fabric, she must be ready to pay for the wedding dress at a higher price. But those who opt for simple fabric, pay a lesser amount. Wedding dresses made from materials like shantung or chiffon are very expensive and classic.
  • The designer. This factor comes into play automatically. If the bride chose to wear a designer wedding gown, she would end up paying more. The designer brands are expensive, as they display class and exclusivity. If the designer is famous, the wedding dress will be sold at a higher price.
  • The design of the wedding dress. The most recent designs of wedding gowns are sold at higher prices, compared to the old ones. For a fashion-driven bride, choosing a wedding dress of the latest style demands you to pay more.
  • The decorative embellishments and details. The more the wedding dress is decorated, the more expensive it is. It proves the point that a simple wedding dress is a bit cheaper.

There are those who are comfortable to pay any amount so that they can have their dream wedding dress. The bride deserves nothing but the best. So, it is fair to please her with the wedding dress of her choice, regardless of the cost.

Don’t forget that some bridal salons exaggerate prices, so always go for the “value for money” slogan and it will be fair on you. Start saving early and the issue of cost won’t be a threat to you.