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Basic Terminology to Know When Wedding Dress Shopping

Basic Terminology to Know When Wedding Dress Shopping

Being familiar with the terminology used for the wedding dress details is fundamental. The terms are many, but each of them represents a unique aspect or accompaniment. The details are better explained by the wedding experts, thus, when you visit a bridal salon, it is advised to seek their guidance. 

Some terms explain the designs used, and others describe the details of the wedding gown. Here are some and their meaning.

  • Bustle. This term is used to describe the effect of embroidery done on a gorgeous gown that has a tail. It prevents the tail from straying and makes it easier for the bride to enjoy a dance or walk freely at the reception.
  • Ball Gown. This is a very voluminous skirt such as the one worn by a princess. The dress makes the bride feel special, as she walks down the aisle majestically.
  • Mermaid. This design of a wedding dress is fitted from the upper part (bodice) to the knees, to resemble a mermaid figure. The dress has a tail at the bottom, just like a mermaid. This type of gown shows the bride’s features clearly, provoking the sexy feeling.
  • Sheath. The design of this wedding dress is commonly used by the bride with a round shape. The wedding gown is fitted from top bodice to hem.
  • A-line. The wedding gown resembles the letter “A” in shape, from the waist down.
  • Empire. This design of a wedding gown is commonly used for beach weddings. The gown is more open with the skirt starting just below the bust. It consists of fewer details, compared to other wedding dresses, and that gives the bride a more relaxed feeling.

The terminology above is about the design of the wedding dresses. There are others that define the details of a wedding gown such as.

  • Rucking. The effect of slimming the wedding dress at the waistline, by gathering pleats along the waist. This happens mostly when the wedding dress is bigger, and you need correction to be done for better fitting.
  • Appliqué. The laces that are added to a veil or a wedding gown, to make them look more appealing. They can be fabric cutouts or beads.
  • Embroidery. The effect of decorative stitches on a wedding gown, that makes the design of the wedding dress look fabulous.

Knowing those terms will help you describe the type of wedding dress you want and its details.