The Ring

Be Inspired by Eva Longoria and Jose ‘Pepe’ Bastón’s Wedding Ceremony

Be Inspired by Eva Longoria and Jose ‘Pepe’ Bastón’s Wedding Ceremony

"The centerpiece of our wedding should be love," said the former telenovela actress Eva Longoria.  Their wedding ceremony was indeed centered by love. Having invited 200 guests including friends and family, the couple had a blast on that day because they knew that they were surrounded by the people that they truly cared about. 

The Planning

Sometimes planning a wedding can be consuming and tiresome. That is why we hire wedding planners.  This can be a deal breaker because planners tend to be expensive and out of budget so to avoid this you can plan the wedding with your friends or family. Eva's wedding was planned by Jose's sister and a planner.  The reason for letting a friend or family do this is because they can easily understand you and they are likely not going to charge you.

Pro tip: if you have to hire a professional planner, make it be off the peak season because then the prices will not have fluctuated.

The Venue

Choose a place that represents you. It does not need to be very exaggerated or high end. Select a place that is calm, peaceful and complements your wedding theme. Eva and Jose had a beautiful wedding in a place away from the busy town. It was like a getaway venue from the noise, and since it was a private occasion, they chose the best place to celebrate. 

The Music

During this day, play the music that inspires you.  It's your big day, and therefore you don't have any reason to settle for a crappy band or non-sensational music.  Eva Longoria had a special needs music band, and it was a cause that was dear to her.  By all means, it was inspiring and beautiful. You also do not need to go overboard hiring expensive professional musicians when you have friends who can entertain pretty well. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Going Back To The Roots

It is always a nice thing to go back to our cultures and experience some traditions. It even becomes unique when you do that in this generation.  Eva and Pepe were jamming to some Latina songs by Carlos Vives that had a theme of love. 

The Wedding Attire

Instead of facing all the hustle of running up and down shopping for the attire, you can get it designed by a friend.  They will do a perfect job because they care about you.  Eva Longoria's best friend Victoria Beckham designed for her wedding gown, and since it was made out of love, it was gorgeous.

The Rings

You do not have to break into the bank to get those rings; you can keep them simple.  What is important is the special meaning behind the rings and not the ring itself.  You can also spice it up and have an extra piece of your own desire to symbolize that moment.  This could be a simple necklace or a wristband, what count is the meaning behind it.