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Bride’s Party Roles in the Wedding

Bride’s Party Roles in the Wedding

What Are Traditionally the Roles of the Bride's Parents?

The bride’s parents’ role is heavier than that of the grooms’ parents. Financially, they were expected to cover the bigger part of the budget for the wedding. Besides that, the father of the bride is expected to walk the bride down the aisle. Wedding etiquette dictates that the father of the bride should lift the bride’s veil at the end of the aisle and kiss her. During the reception, he should give a toast to the newlyweds and dance with his daughter in the father-daughter dance. The mother of the bride is supposed to help the bride choose her wedding dress. She should also pass on the heirlooms of the family line to her daughter. The invitations to the wedding invitations are usually sent out from the parents of the bride.

What Is Traditionally the Role of the Bridesmaids?

When you are chosen as a bridesmaid for a wedding, there are roles you are expected to take up aside from the attending the wedding and accompanying the bride. They are traditionally seen as the ‘protective troop’ around the bride, to protect the bride. The bridesmaid is expected to take some pressure off the bride and groom by lending a helping hand for activities such; wedding-related tasks, paying for the reception, listening to the bride if she needs to talk. Also, the bridesmaid is expected to buy the bridesmaid dress and cover any cost that they will be required to on wedding day. The bride mostly chooses her friends as the bridesmaids, so the tasks come naturally to them.

What Is Traditionally the Role of the Maid of Honor?

The maid of honor (or matron of honor if married) is considered the chief bridesmaid. Her role is much like that of a personal attendant to the bride, both during the wedding and before. As the wedding approaches, they are expected to organize events such as the bachelorette party and the evening dinner. She is supposed to coordinate the bridesmaids and delegate tasks whenever necessary to give the bride an easier time. On the wedding day, she is in charge of the bride, from the morning preparation activities throughout the day to the evening or night reception. It is believed that the bride needs someone to take care of her since her mind is pre-occupied and she may forget to do the necessary tasks such as eating.