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Can A Lady Propose To A Man?

Can A Lady Propose To A Man?

No matter how desperately you believe you have fallen in love with someone, going down on one knee can be a very challenging even for the most gallant men and when it comes to women; this circumstance is even more complicated. Marriage arrangements vary across cultures and time. Take for example, in past times in many cultures across the world; marriages were being organized by the folks of both groom and the bride. Even though today, we are seeing more pictures of women proposing to their men, it is still considered the norm for the man to come up with the marriage proposal.

Christians assert that the concept of the man initiating the marriage proposal has some of its basis in the Bible even though no single verse explicitly addresses the issue. The layout of creation where the man was created first is quoted by Christians as the primary reason why it is the man who should be the one to come up the marriage proposal. In countries such as Scotland and Finland, there are regulations that stipulate when women can propose to their partners. They are allowed to go down on their knees only on leap years!

Women are always trained to be uninvolved. If a lady makes a move on a guy, she is seen as slutty and hopeless. Most people see the actions of a woman who proposes to a man as an attack on male machismo. If this is true, it would, however, mean that men are entitled to options, authority, and power and women are not. This has made the society get used to men having a superiority complex which makes it very challenging for a woman who would like to swim against such kind of tide.

A relationship is the greatest emotional desire of a woman and as the popular maxim goes, what a man can do, a woman can do better. So if you are a lady and you would be able to stomach all the stereotypes, you can go ahead and bend the knee. You can take leverage of gender equality tide that is very prevalent in our time. After all, there is nothing wrong with a woman pursuing what her heart is yearning for.