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Can I Wear A Colored Wedding Dress?

Can I Wear A Colored Wedding Dress?

Even though the conventional wedding gowns are usually white, that does not mean that you are barred from trying out a gown of another shade. After all, white came to be the wedding gown color of choice only after Queen Victoria wore it. In the United States, for example, brides would wear black gowns that were intensified up by the incorporation of fake blossoms or white laces. Therefore, your wedding gown should be of the color that makes you feel fabulous. Remember the wedding day will be all about you. It will be your big day so wear whatever shade you want as long as you are bold and complacent. Some of the reasons you should wear a dyed gown are:

  • Shades such as nude tones and soft pink usually look perfect on all skin tones, and both are more accepting than stark white especially for those with fair skin.
  • Your bridesmaid will be able to wear almost any color. This mostly depends on what the groom wears. Pastels in any shade complete a neutral or a dyed gown exceptionally well. Examples of colors that bridesmaids can wear are such as champagne, gold, and silver metallic.
  • Navy and grey suits complete most of the shades available for the bridal gown. This is essential since you want your spouse to compliment your beautiful dress on your special day. Dyed gowns literally make the possibilities endless.
  • A colored wedding gown is romantic. Pink hues are normally considered the color of romance and having a pink gown can, therefore, be very romantic. This is your most special and romantic day. Therefore, you can decide to wear a dress with the most romantic color.

The following are some of the possible wedding gown colors you can wear to your wedding plus their meaning:

  • White is the most common wedding gown shade and is associated with purity, innocence, goodness, light, and virginity.
  • It represents freshness, childlike character, love, innocence, and good life. This shade is also used to show a more flirtatious character since it is associated with girlishness.
  • This shade usually epitomizes love, strong emotions, energy, passion and strength and is used in most cultural based weddings across the world.
  • This shade is often considered to be an odd choice for the bride, but it is still used as a gown. It usually exemplifies class or elegance, power, formality, mystery, sexuality, and sheer style.
  • This shade is associated with the color of the ocean and water, and it represents peacefulness and calmness. It also conveys purity and life just as water does.
  • This shade embodies happiness, wisdom, and intellectual energy. It is also picked by brides who are seeking adventures and self-fulfillment.
  • This shade is good for increasing creativity, and it represents optimism and enthusiasm.
  • This is the shade of royalty and can even represent strength, magic, and creativity.