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Can You Disagree with Your Wedding Planner?

Can You Disagree with Your Wedding Planner?

Whether you choose to seek the services of a professional wedding planner or not during the wedding planning process, one thing is guaranteed which is; there will be disagreements during the planning process. These squabbles occur mainly due to the differences in preferences and opinions, and therefore whether you like it or not, you will have disagreements with your wedding planner during the wedding planning process. It is okay to have healthy disagreements with your wedding planner as it ensures that you get the bridal ceremony of your dreams.

The following are some of the things that can help you and your wedding planner move forward after your discord.

  • Ensuring there is good communication. You can be able to overcome any disagreement by carefully listening, processing your thoughts before communicating them and avoiding the use of impulsive words or knee-jerk reactions. Ensuring that there is good communication between you and your wedding planner is very important as it will determine the success of your bridal ceremony.
  • Eliminating distractions that you might have. Distractions are known to cause squabbles, and therefore you should ensure that you are focused on the wedding planning process. You can avoid distractions by clearing your schedule and even switching your phone off when discussing the issue with your wedding planner to ensure that you are attentive.
  • Taking a timeout. This only applies to situations where you have time on your side. Taking a breather is a very good way of ensuring that you make the right choice as it will give you time to clear your mind and also to allow your emotions to settle.
  • Refocusing. This is essential as the wedding planning process is usually a very stressful time and it is good for you to remind yourself what is important.

You should, however, always remember that the job of a wedding planner is to help you plan your wedding. This means that you should be very active during the planning process since you are the one who is supposed to be making all the important decisions about your wedding. The only difference will be that you will not be planning alone since your planner will be helping you to bring your dream wedding to a reality.

If you have a wedding planner and you have time, you are still required to research the vendors, meet and hire the vendors. The wedding planner is supposed to give you recommendations for the vendors, but the final decision is yours. This, however, does not mean that having a wedding planner is not important, as planners usually bring to the table very valuable experience, knowledge, guidance, and even connections. They make the wedding planning process easier for you, and this is the reason why you should always ensure that you resolve any disagreements that may arise between you and your wedding planner.