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Children’s Roles in the Wedding

Children’s Roles in the Wedding

What Is Traditionally the Role of the Flower Girl?

The flower girl has more roles than looking pretty. The flower girl is a young lady aged three to eight years old. The tasks are assigned depending on the age of the flower girl. The much younger ladies are given the task of beautifully scattering some petals or confetti on the aisle. One or more flower girls may be chosen to walk before the bride. A flower girl may be paired up with the ring bearer to give the illusion of a couple which works very beautifully for weddings. Some brides prefer having the flower girls carrying a sign written ‘Here comes the Bride.’

What Is Traditionally the Role of the Ring Bearer?

The age bracket for the ring bearer is the same as that of the flower girls because the intention is to maintain the adorability of the situation. The ring bearers bring the wedding rings or fakes that resemble the wedding rings to the altar when the time to exchange vows comes. He walks down the aisle next to or before the flower girl carrying a pillow with the rings or fake rings attached. Some people prefer to use a pet, mostly dogs or cats, as the ring bearer. Traditionally the best man keeps the wedding rings until it is time for the page boy to take the rings to the altar.

What Is Traditionally the Role of the Pages?

Young boys can either play the role of the pages or the part of the ring bearer. The page boys help the bride to carry the gown’s long train. A page boy may also take up the duties of the ring bearer and take the ring to the altar. Due to the weight of the train, page boys are generally older than the ring bearer. For brides with short trains, the page boys escort the flower girls down the aisle. When taking photographs at the wedding or the reception, the page boys and flower girls create beautiful memories since they are very lovable.