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Wedding Venues in Delaware

Delaware is one of the US's smallest states, but with 28 miles of coast it's big on beautiful beach weddings. The area's quaint towns by the sea with views over the waterfront are very attractive to people who are tying the knot.

The area covets its history as the first of the original 13 states which ratified the Constitution, there are almost 300 years' worth of historic mansions, churches, estates, and halls. With a rich agricultural history and a population that loves fresh produce there are many acres of lush gorgeous farmland and gardens, with plenty of rustic farmhouses and barns. 

Middletown Memorial Hall

Middletown - Delaware

Claymont Ballroom

Claymont - Delaware

Historic Belmont Hall

Smyrna - Delaware

Abbott's Grill-Milford

Milford - Delaware

Auburn Heights Preserve

Yorklyn - Delaware

Bayside Resort Golf Club

Selbyville - Delaware

Bellevue Hall

Wilmington - Delaware

Blue Ball Barn

Wilmington - Delaware

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