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Destination Weddings: Aspen, Colorado

Destination Weddings: Aspen, Colorado

If your dream wedding destination is a scenic mountainous town, then Aspen is the perfect place for you. The ski resort town popular for outdoor recreation offers some of the best venues for a wedding surrounded by the best of Mother Nature. Some of the top venues to have your wedding include, The Little Nell for outdoor ceremonies, Theatre Aspen Hurst, Hotel Jerome, The Aspen Meadow Resort or some of the town’s beautiful public parks.

What to Do

Aspen’s beautiful scenery is suitable for winter recreation activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, whitewater rafting, and snowboarding. Together with your guests, you can plan a number of group activities such as go skiing or learn for those who might not know how to. This is a fun activity to keep everyone entertained and bond before and after the wedding.

The city has a deep cultural heritage with some events taking place each weekend. You can visit the arts and cultural institutions such as Theatre Aspen Hurst with your guests to enjoy some of these specially curated events. Having this on the schedule is not only fun but educational for your guests.

While in Aspen, be sure to explore the mountain areas which cover most of the city. You can hike and bike at the Rio Grande Trail or the Maroon Lake Trail together with your guests. You get to engage everyone in physical activity just for fun.

Advantages of the City

Aspen is so scenic and beautiful both during winter and summer seasons which makes it suitable for a destination wedding all year round. The beautiful terrain made up of rivers, forests and mountains provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding. You can choose to have a simple wedding in rural areas and still create one of the most memorable experiences for you and your guests.

As a top tourist destination, Aspen has so many outdoor recreational activities that are suitable for families. Therefore, not only are you able to cater for the adults but the young ones have activities to engage in during that period. Take advantage of seasons when there are offers for tourists and use this as a mini vacation for you and your guests.

Best Time to Go

Weddings are more common during the summer period in most cities. This is an exception in Aspen with some couples choosing to have a winter wedding due to the beautiful scenery. To reduce the wedding expenses, the bride and groom should also try to avoid major public holidays and key festivals in Colorado as the town is mostly crowded with tourists and locals. Between November and January, you will get the best rates.

During the winter season, planning a destination wedding will also depend on when the ski resorts and attractions close. However, since Aspen is an all-year-round wedding destination, couples should not expect reduced rates during the summer season.

Additionally, it is more expensive to have a wedding during the weekend or holidays during the winter and spring season.