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Destination Weddings: Atlanta, Georgia

Destination Weddings: Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia lives up to its international city status. The city is cosmopolitan in every sense with an array of cultural attractions, hip nightlife, and sporting events. A number of different luxurious hotels and elegant event spaces have come up in the city over the years making it a top choice for couples looking to have a destination wedding. Venues such as Atlanta Evergreen Marriot Conference Resort, Hilton Atlanta, Four Seasons Hotel and Fox Theatre give you and your guests a perfect opportunity to celebrate your wedding in style.

What to Do

When in Atlanta, you can visit some Nature & Wildlife areas with your guests such as Cascade Springs Nature, Grant Park, and Underground Atlanta. There are also several hiking trails to take on that are fun as a group at the Atlanta BeltLine. Plan with your guests before you come into town on the best places to visit so that everyone is taken care of.

It is highly likely that this is the first time your guests are coming to Atlanta city. If this is the case, you can all take the Atlanta Segway Tour and tour buses to know more about the city and bond before the wedding. The city is also very vibrant regarding art, culture, and music shows, therefore, you can book tickets for your guests to theatres where you can all catch a music concert or performance.

Atlanta also hosts numerous art museums and attraction sites that are unique to the city. Treat your guests to a visit to The World of Coca-Cola to explore the history of the world's most famous beverage brand. Additionally, do not forget to visit the key historical site, the Martin Luther King Jnr National Site.

Advantages of the City

As the largest city in Georgia, Atlanta has an urban feel with a number of iconic locations suitable for weddings. This gives you more options and resources to choose from especially when it comes to the wedding venue and key wedding vendors. Additionally, you can plan and have your honeymoon at one of the many attraction centers in the city which significantly reduces your travel budget.

Best Time to Go

Atlanta is famed for its mega sporting events, especially during the baseball and football leagues. During this period, there is an influx of visitors and tourists which can be a great inconvenience to your guests. Therefore, when setting a wedding date, choose days that work around these major events to make the logistics much easier for everyone.

The climate in the Atlanta region is varied throughout the year. Couples should avoid the summer season due to the extreme temperatures that can be very uncomfortable for you and your guests. Winters are not as extreme, however, they also not favorable and it is more advisable to plan for a spring or fall wedding. During these seasons, outdoor weddings are the best as the city is beautiful with flowers and bright leaves.