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Destination Weddings: Detroit, Michigan

Destination Weddings: Detroit, Michigan

Popularly known as the “Motor City,” Detroit is gradually becoming a couple’s favorite thanks to its historic churches and vintage auto factories now turned to wedding venues. The town also boasts of the beautiful Lake Michigan beaches, wineries, castle farms, and lighthouses all perfect for a vintage- themed wedding. Before settling on a venue for your wedding, you can check out some of these top venues among them, A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort, Ford Piquette Plant, The Whitney and Detroit Opera House.

What to Do

In Detroit, there are a lot of activities that you and your guests can take part in ahead and after the wedding ceremony. Planning a visit to historic sites such as Motown Museum which was home to Motown Records that produced artists such as Marvin Gaye is fun and educational. The Henry Ford Museum is also a must see with exhibitions of the technological and industrial inventions of America. Additionally, you can schedule a visit to the Automotive Hall of Fame to learn the local history of automotive which is the best-known fact about the city.

The city is also a favorite for antique lovers. There are a number of shops with collectibles such as the Detroit Antique Mall where you can get unique products at amazing offers. Apart from buying something for yourself, your guests can get gifts for you. For book lovers, the Detroit Public Library is your go-to place.

Advantages of the City

Detroit has a long history, especially in the auto industry. Currently, most of the initial sites such as Ford Piquette Avenue Plant have been converted into museums and venues for a wedding. This gives couples a chance to incorporate the rich history of the city and use it as a backdrop to capture the Detroit vibe.

Many couples are going against the norm and opting to have their wedding portraits taken in unique places. Detroit is really developed with impressive and large skyscrapers which can act as a backdrop for your photos. Antique sites and buildings are a favorite for wedding photographers which additionally creates a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Best Time to Go

Summer weddings are more popular in the city, but it is better to have one by the beachside due to the extreme temperatures. This region experiences freezing temperatures and snow storms due to the presence of lakes hence it is not advisable to have a winter wedding. Fall and spring are perfect especially for outdoor weddings as the sprouting flowers provide a scenic backdrop for your wedding.

We advise couples to research beforehand or to work with a wedding planner to get information on how to avoid major traffic times for you and your guests. This will enable you to plan well, reduce the strain on your guests and get rid of unnecessary costs. As the rule of the thumb, try to avoid national holidays and key festivals and events. During this period, the costs are automatically inflated which will affect your guests as well as your budget.