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Destination Weddings: Los Angeles, California

Destination Weddings: Los Angeles, California

“The City of Angels” as it’s popularly referred to is a dream location to have your wedding. In between the glitz and the glam that comes with Hollywood, Los Angeles (LA) is a perfect destination if you want a glamorous wedding. Home to the nation’s television and film industry, LA offers countless venues that are spread across the beaches, parks, and mountains among them, Bel Air Grand Estate, Mountain Gate Country Club and Hyatt Regency Los Angeles.

What to Do

A wedding in LA is a perfect excuse to have a mini vacation and to experience the superstar lifestyle even if just for a weekend. The city has so much to see in terms of places to visit especially for film lovers. Schedule a behind-the-scenes tour with all your guests to Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures or Warner Bro studios. You can also know more about the stars by visiting the Walk of Fame, TCL Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood Boulevard.  A must do is the Hollywood home tours that are fun if you are into pop culture.

The city also has some amazing beaches such as the Venice Beach for you and your guests to relax before and after the wedding. Take some time off to cool down especially if you have traveled from far. If you are not planning to go to the beach, you can go hiking on the mountainous nature trails that surround the city.

Advantages of the City

A trip to LA is an all-in-one plan. It is easy to plan a wedding and a honeymoon at the same time. Chances are you will not be able to exhaust or visit all the places you had set out to during the wedding weekend. You can extend your stay and have this as the honeymoon period for you and your spouse ultimately saving a lot on your budget.

The city offers such a wide array of options with wedding venues. From the beach, vineyards, banquet halls to the rustic venues, you are spoilt for choice. All these different venues have their pros and cons, so it is better to have done prior research or work with a wedding planner to advice on the best choice before you travel out.

Best Time to Go

The weather in LA is one of the contributing factors that make most people flock to the city for destination weddings. The warm beaches are perfect for an outdoor wedding even during the summer season. From June to early September the temperatures are so high and it also marks the peak tourist season hence it may not be the most favorable time to plan a wedding especially if it’s not around the coastal area. The fall season is the peak season for weddings in LA.

In order to have a less hectic wedding, you can avoid dates that have big events such as The Academy Awards, The Grammys and big music festivals such as Coachella. All this requires prior planning, and this is where a well-experienced wedding planner comes in handy.