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Destination Weddings: Maine

Destination Weddings: Maine

In the northeastern part of the United States in the New England region, is a state called Maine with its capital in Augusta. Maine has a beautiful landscape consisting of a wide range of vegetation from forests to amazing waterways, from mountains to the seashore. Maine is a city that has an ancient feel to it considering the rich history that the city bears having been in existence even before the turn of the 18th century.

Maine has a laid-back feel to it. It, therefore, does not come as a surprise that most of the couples who have had their weddings in Maine prefer outdoor weddings with a particular preference for the beautiful seaside and beaches. The weather in Maine is favorable for outdoor weddings almost at all times of the year but the nights tend to become cold. It also comes as an advantage that Maine does not experience snow even during the quite chilly winters.

Due to Maine’s historical feel to it, it makes it suitable as a venue for classic-themed wedding complete with the historic buildings in the background. The suitability of these buildings acting as beautiful environments cannot be overly emphasized. For couples wanting beautiful outdoor photography with a rustic feel, Acadia National Park would serve as the perfect location with its beautiful landscape.

Maine makes for an exciting wedding destination as it has numerous exciting sites that can be visited by guests. Due to the varied landscape, multiple group activities can be done. Examples include skiing along the beautiful rivers such as Saddleback and Sugarloaf Rivers, biking is Acadia National Park, moose watching and even a Schooner tour. In addition to that, Maine offers a wide variety of cuisines from all around the world that the couple and their guests can try out, without which a tour of Maine would be ‘incomplete’.

Accommodation for guests will not be an issue in Maine as there is a wide variety of hotels to choose from, even though the majority of the hotels in Maine are three-star hotels with the presence of a few four-star and five-star hotels such as Wolf Cove Inn and James Place Inn respectively. The pricing of accommodation ranges from high to low with the ultimate decision-maker being you.

During the summertime, Maine becomes a bustling tourist destination hosting a lot of various events. It is advisable to plan your wedding and make early bookings for venues and hotel rooms for guests if you plan to have your wedding during the summer. This would help towards having a stress-free wedding day. It is still possible to plan your wedding for the winter or spring, but the weather would make it such a bummer.

In conclusion, Maine is indeed the suitable location for couples that desire an out-of-city wedding experience. Maine offers the ability to host rustic-themed and classic-themed wedding easily. Coupled with the beautiful landscape and wide variety of activities to do with the guests on the actual wedding day, Maine offers an irresistible wedding destination with everlasting memories.