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Destination Weddings: Massachusetts

Destination Weddings: Massachusetts

When choosing a destination wedding, the newlyweds have their guests in mind. They want to ensure that they select a special place that connects to them and one that their guests enjoy and is worth their effort. Massachusetts offers precisely that because it is a city characterized by a varied landscape from the adorning mountains to the beautiful coastline and beautiful tourists’ hubs that are open at any time of the year.

The hardest decision to make when planning a wedding in Massachusetts is the style of wedding you would like. This primarily refers to the venue. The city is so rich in the variety of the wedding landscapes and accompanying scenery.

Holding your wedding by the long coastline of Massachusetts would be such a treat to your guests. The summers come with breezes that serve to bring the temperatures a bit lower hence making the weather on your wedding ceremony pleasant. There are several venues by the sea that would make perfect wedding venues such as the Hammond Castle that overlooks the calm seas and the graceful, lush gardens of the Heritage Plantation. Some sites by the sea that are closer to the city include the Charles River in Boston Harbor. Another preference would be a wedding cruise in the Liberty Clipper Schooner or the Valiant Yacht that sails next to the city.

Massachusetts is considered a historical city having preserved its Native American and Yankee history in its very buildings and walkways. The buildings in the town tell stories just at their first sight. The city has set apart some museums filled with beautiful antiques and artifacts that convey you to a more elegant era. Some of these historical venues such as Boston Public Library and the Old State House are available for wedding ceremony setups. Some old estates like the Gore Place and the Crane Estate have been beautified and set apart for events. Some museums also double up as wedding venues, therefore giving you and your guests the experience of a classic tale of ‘a love that goes down in history.’

For an outdoor wedding, the city is overflowing in the right venues for any style of wedding. For instance, the Sweet Berry Farm that is flexible since it borders the rustic oasis and spills out into an orchard. The landscape is covered by fields and forests that will provide for the best photography sessions to capture your wedding perfectly.

In conclusion, Massachusetts is so ideal to welcome your guests for wedding events due to the ease of accessibility of the town. It is accessible by ferry from the islands of Massachusetts, by long-distance rail and bus travel, the regional public transportation, and air service. The good thing is that the city also supports destination weddings as it allows non-residents to be married legally. It even permits anyone you love to officiate your wedding so long as they have a one-day designation having applied for it between six months from to a week before the special day.