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Destination Weddings: Miami, Florida

Destination Weddings: Miami, Florida

Miami city does not just give you a wedding; it gives you an experience that you and your partner will remember for the rest of your lives. The town's coastline stretches out and is adorned with beautiful resorts that will make you and your partner spoilt for choice. Despite the venue you choose, you will only experience a fraction of the city has to offer since the town is bursting in the beauties that mother nature has on display in the city. The good news is that you can make a choice that will make your ceremony so unquestionably tasteful and romantic.

Picking a venue is as important as the choice to have your wedding in Miami. The city offers so many beautiful places depending on your tastes and fondness. Some venues are tailor-made for weddings with ready vendors and recommended planners to get all the work off your shoulders. Miami has a mature tourism sector they have built over time, therefore, planning a wedding in the city shouldn't cause you a headache as there are preset guidelines used over time to help you plan it more efficiently.

It would come as a surprise to realize that most resident couples prefer a church wedding to a beach wedding in Miami. The outsiders are more likely to take advantage of the scenic beaches.  Planning a beach wedding would require the couple to be ready to spend extra since the area goes all out to provide luxury. Some of the hotels by the beach that are tailor designed for occasions such as these are; Benevuto Restaurant, Baker's Cay Resort Key Largo, the Addison, Fontainebleau Miami Beach, and the Coco Plum. All these hotels and many more have capable websites that can assist in pre-booking.  Miami is easily accessible by air, hence would give you and your guests an easy time to get there and experience the exotic scenery. Getting around the city is easy since the public transit is very well established.

Despite the rush and extra burden of planning a destination wedding, Miami is entirely worth the hustle. The city is not limited in the honeymoon sites you can visit. Being home to artistic displays such as the New World Symphony and the Art Basel Miami Beach show, the city is rich in cultural and art exhibitions. Miami is also very gay-friendly and would be as open to a gay wedding as it would be to any other marriage.

In conclusion, remember that you may need to book your destination hotel and venue early enough, as early as nine months in advance, to avoid having a limited choice. The thing to remember about Miami is the legal requirement that the bride and the groom should apply for the marriage certificate in person and the wedding should be done within two months of the license issuance. All United States citizens must bring a valid form of identification and their Social Security Number while non-U.S. Citizens, an Alien Registration Card, driver's license or passport.