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Destination Weddings: Newport, Rhode Island

Destination Weddings: Newport, Rhode Island

Bearing the same name as the county in which it is located; Newport is a seaside city on Aquidneck Island in Narragansett Bay. Newport was a major city during the 18th century. It carries a lot of buildings that have survived from the early times of the town together with a long sailing history.

Newport offers a wedding destination that has unmatched elegance and grace, both a combination of both classic and neo-themed wedding depending on a person's taste. Added to the surprisingly tasteful package is the fact that it is a seaside city with a beautiful view of the seaside, miles upon miles of open ocean front and snow-white sandy beaches. The beach makes for a wide array of wedding and reception venues to choose from. Newport does not just offer a wedding destination but also an experience that is to be remembered and treasured for a long time to come.

For couples with a classic taste for weddings, there is a wide choice of castles to choose from such as Oceancliff Castle and Castle Hill. For those with a need for a show of opulence but without a taste for a classic-themed wedding, there is the presence of mansions such as Rosecliff Mansion and Marble House. For couples with a knack for a beach wedding, the presence of wedding venues such as Newport Beach House and North Beach Clubhouse offer to cater to these tastes. There is also the option of beautiful vineyards for a rustic-themed wedding such as Sakonnet Vineyards, Mount Hope Farm for farm or barn wedding and Country Gardens for garden weddings. In Newport, the decision for what wedding venue to choose is as full as it gets and the buck stops with you; the only limitation is your imagination.

With Newport being among the top choice wedding destinations in the world, there is no shortage of wedding vendors to choose from to recreate the exact dream wedding that you have in mind. There is an abundance of accommodation options to choose from depending on the budget and the number of guests you have invited. There are AAA four-diamond properties such as Cliffside Inn, The Chanler, and Grace Vanderbilt. There is available accommodation for those on a budget and too unique places to stay such as Jailhouse Inn, borrowing its styling from its name, Firehouse Inn and Ocean Romance Yacht.

In conclusion, Newport is a terrific wedding destination for couples catering to a wide variety of choices, wants, and ideas that the couple to wed has in mind; the only difference being brought out by the wedding budget and the financial ability of the newlyweds and their guests. In the rush and thrill to plan the perfect wedding in Newport, coupled with the endless options and choices that are thrown your way, it is easy to go over and beyond the budget in the planning. With the wedding venue in place, every other thing should be more natural to cater as the city is a popular wedding destination and all the wedding requirements are readily available.