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Destination Weddings: Washington, DC

Destination Weddings: Washington, DC

A wedding at the heart of the US capital is the ultimate experience. Hosting some of the most iconic monuments and buildings, Washington DC is a couples’ favorite for destination weddings. You can plan a vacation and trip to the city incorporated together with your wedding for a one-in-all experience. DC offers some of the most beautiful venues for your ceremony among them, the Fairmont, The Hay Adams, Mandarin Oriental, and Dumbarton House.

What to Do

As a top tourist destination, Washington is home to America’s iconic museums, performing-arts venues and the three branches of the Federal government – the U.S Capitol and Library of Congress, White House and Supreme Court. Ahead of your wedding, if you have a few free days in town, you can plan a visit to these iconic sites together with your guests.

DC also has some of the country’s top museums and memorials which are a must visit including the Lincoln Memorial, the National Gallery of Art, Martin Luther King Jnr memorial and Smithsonian National Museum of National History. This is a fun activity for you and your guests before or after the wedding ceremony so, take advantage and kill two birds with one stone.

If your friends are into Art and Music, you have to visit the John F. Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts. The center hosts several theatre and musical performances all through the year and also houses the National Symphony Orchestra, the Suzanne Farrell Ballet and the Washington National Opera. For some of these shows, you have to pay so it is better to plan early and agree with your guests on the charges to ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone gets to enjoy the experience.

DC is a unique city with a blend of Southern and mid-Atlantic culture. This diversity is reflected in the cuisine which you should try when visiting the city. Venues such as Ben’s Chili Bowl are a must visit

Advantages of the City

For perfect pictures, monumental buildings such as The Capitol provide a beautiful backdrop for your post-wedding photo session. This experience is exclusive to the city and gives your wedding a local flavor. A big advantage is that most of the event venues in DC are located at a very close proximity to the key landmarks such as the Tidal Basin which is amazing for your wedding portraits.

Best Time to Go

In DC, fall and summer are the most common seasons for weddings. During the winter season, it is advisable to avoid setting a wedding date to the unpredictability of the weather with frequent occurrence of snow and extremely cold temperatures. The display of flowers and bright leaves in the spring and fall are also suitable for your wedding since the city is beautiful.

As the heart of the government, try to avoid planning a wedding around any political activities such as presidential inauguration ceremonies or Memorial Day. These days draws protesters and activists and can make your special day very hectic. Additionally, if your guests are flying in during these peak days, chances are the costs will be higher and movement will be restricted.