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Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring On Your Wedding Day?

Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring On Your Wedding Day?

Many cultures are correlated with how you place your engagement and wedding bands on your fingers before, during and after the bridal ceremony. On your wedding day, you are supposed to shift your engagement band from your left-hand ring finger to your right-hand ring finger. The ring finger is the third finger of either the left hand or the right hand, and this heritage started in Egypt and was meant to ensure that the bands were in the closest position to the heart of your partner. After you tie the knot, you should reverse your engagement band from the right-hand ring finger to the left-hand ring finger next to the wedding band. Some women, however, choose to overlook this established practice and come up with their own trend.

There are considerable options that you can choose from with respect to how you would like to put on your engagement ring after the bridal ceremony is over. One of the options is to carry on wearing your engagement band on the right-hand ring finger. You can also elect to wear your engagement ring next to your wedding ring on the left-hand ring finger, or even weld the two rings together (which is not advised). Welding the two rings would present you with several challenges when doing your daily chores since the engagement band is usually bulky because of the stone considering the fact that a wedding ring is not supposed to be removed. The other option you can choose is not to put on the engagement band at all.

Amid the bridal ceremony, you can opt not to put on the engagement ring. You can instead give it to your maid of honor to keep it for you, and if the gown of your maid of honor does not have any discreet pocket that can hold the ring, you can contemplate giving it to the best man. You can then return your engagement band to your ring finger after you have exchanged the vows. The best moment to put it back on is just before you sign the marriage certificate so that you can have it in your photographs just in case your photographer decides to take your pictures as you sign the marriage certificate.

Another option is to request a close family member such as your mom to carry it for you. This is also a lovely way of designating your mom with an essential function on a very extraordinary day for both of you. You can also choose your sister in law or your sister who is not very involved in the wedding; this can make them feel useful and important. Alternatively, you can clip your engagement band to your other wedding jewelry such as a charm bracelet. All you need to do is to ensure that the bracelet is secure enough to avoid losing it since it's very expensive.