The Ring

Eva Weds Jose

Eva Weds Jose


It was under a Saturday's beautiful and romantic sunset when Eva said "I do" to her husband, Jose. The ceremony was held at a private residence in Mexico in the lakeside town of Valle de Bravo.  The couple had an outstanding wedding ceremony where they were surrounded by 200 guests who were their close friends and family.  Among them were Eva's best friend Victoria Beckham and her husband David Beckham, Ricky Martin, Melanie Griffith, Mario Lopez and his wife and Vanessa Williams. Eva and Jose kept it very close as these were highly regarded friends and family members.

Wedding Dress and Suit

The actress wore a simple but elegant ivory-colored sheath dress.  This gorgeous gown was designed by her best friend and former spicy girl Victoria Beckham.

The groom, on the other hand, wore a sophisticated grey three-piece suit designed by the Italian Fashion Designer, Brunello Cuccinelli.

The Jewelry

With her elegance and smile, Eva did not overdo her jewelry as she just kept it simple.  The former actress added a diamond necklace to complete her bridal look, and for the following celebrations, she accessorized her gown with a new set of jewelry which included a temporary pearl necklace, drop rating, and a bracelet.

The Ring

Eva Longoria showed off a huge Ruby ring and a diamond engagement ring before she got married to Jose.  During their wedding ceremony, they exchanged simple golden rings and single white gold bands designed by Berger were tied to their right hands.

The Vows

An interesting detail about their wedding is that the vows were exchanged in a bilingual ceremony which was performed by "father, Pedro."

Eva did not have bride maids but two of her daughters from previous marriage, Tali and Mariana, walked before the bride and the groom towards the altar.

The Décor

The ceremony and the after party were planned by Jose's sister, Rosalia Bastón and their wedding planner Troy Williams. The wedding theme was based on true love and friendship, and that is all that matters.  "The centerpiece of a wedding should be love" she once said in an interview.

Other Interesting Facts About The Wedding Ceremony

After the wedding ceremony, the following event was started off with cocktails. The music was being played by a band called Pro Down, formed by special needs musicians, which is a cause dear to Eva's heart. Their first dance hit back to their Latin roots, with the song Valve a Nacer by a Colombian musician Carlos Vives.

A special moment came up when the pop star Serena Williams surprised the bride by singing her best song "save the best for the last." What made it even more of a surprise is the fact that Eva didn't even realize that Serena Williams was there until the moment the singer turned around halfway through the tune to her surprise. When the ceremony was over, the two newly Wed's joined their friends and family to enjoy dinner which was prepared by Mexican chefs Eduardo Kholman and Enrique Olvera.

And of course, the night ended with a magical display of fireworks.