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Groom’s Party Roles in the Wedding

Groom’s Party Roles in the Wedding

What Are Traditionally the Roles of the Groom's Parents?

Traditionally, the groom’s parents were expected to pay for just a few expenses while the bride’s parents cover the rest. The grooms’ parents are expected to take care of some décor items such as the corsages, the reception expenses, the music and deejay expenses, and the liquor. They are also expected to pay for the honeymoon by giving a pre-purchased package or offering the money needed. Besides financing, the grooms’ parents have a much slimmer role to play than the brides’ parents. The father of the groom is expected to give a speech at the rehearsal dinner to welcome the bride to the family. Also, he is supposed to advise the son on marriage and life wisdom. The mother of the groom is expected to recommend the engagement rings and the wedding bands, plan and host the rehearsal dinner and dance with the groom for his mother-son dance.

What Is Traditionally the Role of the Best Man or Best Woman?

Being the best man is not all sunshine and flowers. There are some roles involved such as taking care of the groom’s tasks and taking the weight off his shoulders. Functions that can be delegated such as taking care of the groomsmen rests on his shoulders. In the same way, the best woman provides a helping hand to the bride, much like the bridesmaids only that they give the bride an ear to bounce ideas and is in charge of all the bridesmaids. Naturally, both the best man and woman are expected to present a toast during the wedding reception.

What Is Traditionally the Role of the Groomsmen?

Like the bridesmaids, the groomsmen have to pay for the wedding attire. They are expected to attend all the events planned before the wedding such as the rehearsal dinner. The groomsmen are always expected to organize the bachelor party for the groom. The groomsmen may also play the role of the usher and guide the guests to their seats before the ceremony begins. They are also ‘the information booth’ for the guests for locations such as the washroom and the reception site. Like the best man, they should also serve as advisors to the groom before the wedding, help in tasks so the groom can be organized, and helps with any wedding planning details he can. The fun part is that the groomsmen are expected to dance with the bridesmaids during the reception.