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Honeymoon Cruise: Things to Know

Honeymoon Cruise: Things to Know

Whether you want to rest and relax in a setting full of romance for your first holiday as husband and wife, or perhaps you desire a new adventure, the world is your oyster.

The classic choice for honeymooners is the Caribbean, with its idyllic beaches and waters that are crystal clear and an atmosphere that is hot and laid back.

Each of the islands has a distinct personality. There are the sophisticated Grand Cayman Islands or the paradise of St. Kitts. Wherever you choose a Caribbean cruise, it will whisk you off on a journey that is guaranteed to be filled with vibrant sounds, sights, tastes, and colors.

You may want to hop off the ship and enjoy bustling Bridgetown, Barbados, or your choice could be Bermuda’s sun-kissed King’s Wharf. Wherever you go in the Caribbean, there are endless beaches, a variety of activities and plenty of exotic wildlife. If you want to pump adrenaline, then the Bahamas offer a range of water sports for thrill seekers.

If food is what motivates you, then Jamaica is a place to head to. There are exotic flavors and some spectacular dishes that are bound to excite you at every meal. For those who prefer to bask in laid-back luxury, a cruise to Barbados will not disappoint, with its opportunities to kick-back and take in the scintillating coastal views.

If your idea of a honeymoon is adventurous, then an Alaskan cruise is possibly a good option, with its abundance of wildlife and some spectacular jaw-dropping sights and sounds.

The experiences on an Alaskan cruise are unforgettable. Traveling by sea is an ideal way to immerse yourself in an Alaskan journey of discovery. It enables you to experience the state’s captivating wildlife and to discover inaccessible glaciers that you could not reach any other way.

Alaska is one of the Earth’s last unspoiled destinations. Sparsely populated, untamed and vast, there are thriving populations of humpback whales and salmon in the water and moose and nesting eagles on dry land. A cruise’s onboard experts can teach you all you need to know about this sumptuous, breath-taking region. You can discover the night sky and the diversity of the impressive wildlife.

If you’re keen to explore further afield, then a European cruise could be the ideal choice as there is such a variation of destinations to select from the Mediterranean, Scandinavia or the Baltic states.

You can choose to discover the sun-soaked and vibrant culture of the Mediterranean or take in the dramatic landscapes that can be found around the Norwegian Fjords.  There are cruises with overnight stays in Venice to sample the culture of Italy, St. Petersburg to immerse yourself in Russian folklore, Reykjavik to discover some amazing seafood, Lisbon in Portugal, and Dubrovnik in Croatia.  Today, honeymooners have more freedom than ever to explore the many aspects of Europe.

Among the best things to look forward to on a honeymoon cruise is the little organization it will require from you. After the immense amount of planning that went into tying the knot, being able to just pick your dream destinations and allow the cruise operator to organize your food, accommodation and world-class entertainment should be of great appeal.

You can just relax by the pool, play croquet or one of the other deck games, or enjoy the bliss of being treated like Royalty at the spa. There are so many ways to enjoy quality time with your new partner for life when you come on board as a newly married couple.