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Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Australia

Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts:  Australia

There are various places that you can visit across the country, and they vary according to the activities that a couple is looking forward to enjoying. For an adventurous couple, there are many sights to see and places to explore ranging from the mountain ranges, the Islands Surrounding the Country to the Mountain ranges and deserts that are in the center of all these. There are so many activities that people find interesting in these landscapes including trailing through the deserts, hiking and mountain climbing in the ranges, kayaking and boat riding in the rivers and sightseeing and exploring the islands. The beaches are also fascinating places to be since the water-loving people can do things such as surfing, scuba diving or just swimming.

Australia is a great place since one can visit at any time during the year. Different seasons are differently highlighted throughout the country in different ways, and this makes some of the unfavorable times in one place be bringing out the best out of another place. The best time to come to Australia is during autumn which is from March to May. During this time the weather is great, and the crowds will have thinned out. This, in turn, leads to accommodation and transportation charges being relatively low. There are some golden spots that honeymooners can visit to get the full Australian experience during this season. These places include the Gold Coast's Surfers Paradise and Outback Australia. This is also the best time to visit Melbourne and Sydney for their spectacular autumn colors.

The Islands are also great places that people go to unwind from the busy town’s noises. Couples who are out for their honeymoon usually visit the islands due to the calmness of its weather and the breeze, especially during the spring season. Some of these fascinating islands are the Rottnest Island, Majestic Island, Lord Howe Island and Kangaroo Island. These islands are also perfect places for honeymoon photography.  Australia is known to be home to unique species including birds, reptiles, animals and even the flora. Tourists travel to see some of the animals with the most famous ones being the Koala, Kangaroo, Echidna, Dingo, Platypus and the Wallaby. Most of these animals are inhabited in the thick rainforests and the mountain ranges together with many more animal species. An interesting factor is that Australia has the highest number of reptile species than any other country with 755 species a trip in the forests with your partner to see the wildlife will be interesting. 

This country has some of the most amazing and unique cuisines that you will enjoy throughout your stay in the country. This is also great when combined with some of the famous festivals and events in the country. They include the Canberra Balloon Festival, Melbourne Grand Prix, Melbourne Food and Winery Festival and Vivid Sydney which is normally a 23-day festival of music, ideas and lights.