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Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Cayman Island

Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Cayman Island

The nickname of Cayman Island is not entirely made up for the sole reason that it is a favorite among the vacationers as being a beach paradise. It is also a favorite among business people, international businesses and wealthy people because it is major world offshore financial haven as well since the territory has not once imposed income tax, capital gains tax, or any wealth tax on its citizens.

Most honeymooning couples prefer the laidback mood of the Grand Cayman Island and the secret remains that the farther you venture into the island away from the busy docks teeming with countless tourists, the better your experience. The Grand Cayman is more preferred to the other two islands as it has a lot more to offer within its seventy-five miles as opposed to the other two islands. The Cayman Crystal Caves, for instance, found on the Grand Cayman are the most recent nature attraction to be introduced to the public. The island offers deep-water activities such as snorkeling in live reefs as well that you and your loved one should entirely explore. The mysterious and dark caves are hidden in the lush tropical forest of northside, are too spectacular formations to be missed. Also, the Stingray City that allows divers to close and personal with the friendly southern stingrays at the dive site is a sight to behold.

The Little Cayman, on the other hand, is preferred by couples that are more exploratory since it is known for its outstanding diving opportunities such as Bloody Bay Wall, as it is considered among the top three diving opportunities in the world. The best part about this section of the Cayman Islands is its profound privacy, considering it has a population of fewer than two hundred people, hence it creates the perfect hideaway romance hub.

The farthest island which is the Cayman Brac is decorated by abundant caves worth exploring on its great dramatic cliff.  It is also extremely exhilarating to explore and exotic forests and tropical foliage swarming with different species of tropical birds such as fruit bats, herons, wild green parrots. The Cayman Brac is so famous for its historical value; with its rugged twenty square miles that possess underwater shipwrecks that provide such scenery for divers and explorers.

In conclusion, the Cayman Islands is the most preferred islands in the Caribbean for the sole reason that they are amazing and completely worth splurging money on for your very special honeymoon. The highlight of your adventure-filled days at the Cayman Islands will always be the elegant dining from the best restaurants such as Cayman Cabana and Heritage Kitchen on the island with a variety of local to an international flavor that will whet your taste buds at the thought of the next meals. It is entirely impossible to exhaust the opportunities of exploring the Cayman Islands in its entirety, and you and your loved one would have to enjoy as much as you can and plan a trip back to get some more of the island.