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Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Egypt

Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts:  Egypt

This is one of the fascinating places to visit as a getaway for your adventurous honeymoon experience. So much of mankind's history can be traced back to Egypt such as the development of agriculture, writing, time and urbanization. As much as Egypt is a very grown country, it still upholds a lot of its cultural practices and being there and joining in with the locals will get you ample experience and knowledge about this golden place. So much is done to celebrate the cultures as there are some events which couples can join in and enjoy together with the Egyptians. These are the likes of the Moulid an-Nabi, Coptic Christmas, Sham Al-Naseem and Ley en Nuktah. During these festivals, the locals dress up in cultural garments and celebrate with music and food.

Very many tourists visit Egypt for its many outstanding sites and structures. Adventurous honeymooners can find these places amazing for exploration. These are the likes of the great Sphinx of Giza, the Giza Pyramid complex, Abu Simbel temples, Valley of the Kings, the Egyptian Museum and the Luxor Temple. Some of the activities that can be done in these places besides exploration include hiking your way to these places and trailing in the deserts.

Egypt is also known to have an amazing experience with the red sea. For those people who love underwater adventures, the red sea is the perfect place to be. A couple can do various activities such as scuba diving in the sea where there are very many different fish species and snorkeling.

Despite having a desert landscape, Egypt has approximately 100 mammal species which most of them are threatened and endangered. Some of them include the Sand Cat, the Fennec, and the Nubian Ibex. The most common animals that are found in Egypt are the reptiles and amphibians such as the snakes and the geckos due to the high temperatures. The Nile crocodile is also prominent in Egypt and is found in Lake Nasser.

The best time to go to Egypt for an amazing honeymoon is during October all through to April when the temperatures are favorable. It is also the best time to cruise the Nile and sightseeing is perfect at this time. However, it is advisable to avoid traveling to Egypt in December and January since during this time many sites tend to be uncomfortably crowded and the accommodation cost is also expensive.

The best time to visit Egypt's deserts is during the spring or autumn season's temperature wise, a couple who wants to go camping in the desert can consider going during these seasons to avoid harsh temperatures. Camel racing is also an amazing sport that is usually in the deserts of Egypt. Who would want to miss such an exciting experience?