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Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Fiji

Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Fiji

The presence of natural hot springs, tropical lagoons, gorgeous sunsets, secluded private islands, and sandy white beaches make Fiji even more enticing to couples. A clear advantage is that Fiji is classed as a mid-range vacation destination and hotel prices tend to stay within this range. For a couple that enjoys the beauty of the scenery and romantic excursions, Fiji is the perfect honeymoon destination.

Fiji has a warm tropical climate throughout the year with temperatures being relatively constant. This means that you can plan your honeymoon during any period of the year without the weather being a worrying factor. Fiji tends to have two seasons all year long with the winter being from May to October. The winters in Fiji bring about pleasant warm temperatures and sunny days, the perfect weather for swimming with the manta rays and surfing. Winter also has many festivals such as the Fire Walking Festival. The only drawback of deciding to visit Fiji during the winter is the large crowds of tourists flocking the beaches, especially from July to September. The accommodation prices also tend to rise during these months of the year considerably.

Fiji has some of the best sites in the world for scuba diving and snorkeling such as Shark Reef Marine Reserve and Somosomo Strait. The perfect recipe for scuba diving that is warm water, excellent visibility, varied dive sites and plenty of sunshine are what make Fiji such a tropical paradise. There are also good soft coral dives, several shark dives and both shore-based and live aboard dive options. Fiji is perfect for all ages and varied experience levels.

Fiji has some of the most incredible hiking routes. This is a gem activity to do as most people do not associate Fiji with hiking. As you get higher up the volcanic mountains such as Mount Tomanivi and Mount Batilamu, you get a beautiful view of the islands. Hiking may also take you into Sigatoka Sand Dunes which is a national park and an important archeological site for the ancient people as well. It is advised to plan your hike through the dunes in the morning as the noon hours may be hot and humid. Hiking routes are designed to pass through beautiful waterfalls such as the Tavoro waterfalls or even along the beautiful coastal line of Fiji. One may also decide to go further into the rainforests for a fantastic jungle adventure.

In conclusion, a honeymoon destined for Fiji actualizes the dreams of a lot of daydreamers, rewards the efforts of a lot of planning and is a befitting destination for nature lovers. It has a romanticism that is associated with it like no other county. The alluring spectacular sunsets, amazing sandy white beaches, a chance to experience the fantastic Fijian culture and the clear turquoise waters of the ocean make Fiji an exciting place to visit and explore. Fiji is a recommendable honeymoon destination for a couple that has decided to pamper themselves.