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Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Greece

Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts:  Greece

Greece is a very cultural place having some of the most amazing festivals that you and your partner wouldn't want to miss during your stay in this country. They are of all sorts including religious, national and cultural festivals throughout the year. The most famous one is the Epidaurus which is attended by very many people. The country also has an interesting music scene that is attended by national and international bands, especially during the summer. 

The best time to visit Greece is from May to October when there is great weather, and there's little rain. This is the perfect time for sightseeing and exploring the outdoors such as forests. It is also the perfect time for hiking and trailing with your partner or friends. There are numerous beaches which you and your partner can enjoy. Most of them are public beaches making it cheaper and doubling the fun. Swimming in the Island's beaches is perfect during summer which is from July to September. For a couple that is looking forward to a beach honeymoon in Greece, summer would be the best time because of the low tides, and there won't be interruptions by the rain.

There is beauty in the wilderness of Greece. The mountainous regions of Greece have an outstanding number of species that an adventurous couple would enjoy seeing. These are the likes of the bears, wild cats, brown squirrels, deer, jackals, foxes, lynxes, and wolves. These are mainly found in the forests within Greece. A day in the wild with your partner could be interesting if you are both adventurous.

Greece is a great tourist destination especially for nature lovers because of its ancient archaeological sites which are filled with an interesting history of the country. An adventurous and exploring couple who are out for their honeymoon would especially love this because they will not run out of places to visit and explore. These places include the likes of Acropolis in Athens, Delphi which is a UNESCO world heritage, Meteora Monasteries and Zagorohoria and the Ancient Ruins of Kassope and Nikopolis.

Greece is a serene country that upholds culture, and as much as it has certain diversities, there are some of the cultural things will make your honeymoon more splendid. The exquisite cuisines are perfect and will make you smile all through your honeymoon.

The accommodation in Greece usually depends on the time when you are visiting. During the peak seasons, it is generally so crowded, and therefore you will have to incur a higher cost. The best time to visit when you are on a budget is during the low seasons when guest houses are relatively cheaper. This way, you and your partner will enjoy your stay without having to incur extra costs for booking.