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Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Jamaica

Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Jamaica

Jamaica has one of the most incredible natures such as the luminous lagoon. This is one of the rarest places that you would visit in the world. This is because of the uniqueness of water that glisters naturally. This type of nature is only found in four countries in the world making your honeymoon experience of a lifetime since the lagoon is marvelous. All you need to do is to board the glass-bottom boat and sail through the glowing water. The experience will be more fun when you swim into the glowing waters and have the chance to be in contact with the harmless phytoplankton. The most appropriate time to go is during nights where you get to enjoy the illumination nights.

Jamaica also has great waterfalls where you can have a rare experience on your honeymoon. At the falls you can enjoy snorkeling, the experience is one of a kind as you swim among live coral reefs and tropical fish that are abundant. At the waterfalls you will also get the chance to try climbing the terraced waterfall, is this not enough fun? Later on, you can enjoy having traditional Jamaican food that shows the different types of cultures in the country. The most appropriate time to go is during warm seasons between January and May.

Bike tours are also a great experience in Jamaica. You can compete with your partner in the famous Blue Mountain Downhill bike tour where you can also make stops and enjoy having traditional Jamaican brunches. On your travel, if you will be lucky enough to tour Blue Mountain Coffee Company where you will get to learn the different ways of roasting that the famous products. On your way back, you can get to enjoy the best views of Kingston as you enjoy going down the terrain. After the long period of cycling, you can decide to swim at a local waterfall creating a refreshing feeling. The best time to visit is on a sunny day and offseason for tourist.

Jamaica is also an excellent place for swimming lovers. Some waters lie entirely in the tropical mountains of the country. For instance, at the Blue Hole and Secret is one of the wonders of Jamaica where you can enjoy swimming and later on the go for walks through the jungles as you take photos of the beautiful sceneries. You will also get the chance of jumping on rocks or swimming into the clear waters of the hole. The most appropriate time is in the first quarter of the year.