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Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Japan

Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Japan

Japan has a couple of mountains that you and your wedding guests would visit. Here, you can enjoy hiking the mountain as you enjoy beautiful blossoms which are full of fun. The mountains give you a great view of the cherry blossoms that are very rare species. As you walk the mountains, you will enjoy great shades of beautiful trees that grow along the paths and the beautiful shrines and temples which are incorporated as culture places. Some of the mountains also have hot springs that you can enjoy chilling as you relax. The mountains include Mount Yoshino. The most appropriate time to visit is between January and March.

Japan also has beautiful gardens that you would consider visiting on your honeymoon. You can go round the gardens as you enjoy the beauty in the sceneries that can make you end up getting into the bamboo forest. Here, the place is so silent thus creating a good atmosphere that provides peace of mind with minimal disturbances from people. These areas are not frequently visited by tourists, and this means there is no overcrowding making them intimate. You and your wedding guests can visit these amazing places at any time but the best period to visit is during the hot days so that you can enjoy the cool breeze that prevails in the gardens. The gardens include Shukkein Garden that is located in Hiroshima.

Japan is also the ideal place for culture lover couples. There are some villages that are considered to be of much culture heritage. The villages are so unique and are deemed to be a world's heritage since they are very rare.  The villages are unique regarding the designs and the architecture. Most of the villages have a stunning look of thatched roofs while the walls are made of wooden frames that are rustic. The magical places are ideal for your honeymoon. More often, visiting the places during the winter season is the most appropriate. Here you tend to have a great view of snow falling on the steep roofs making the view very adorable. In the villages, there are also hot springs and a diverse culture which makes the place very stunning. Try this different inspiration that is unique in villages such as Shirakawa-go.

Japan is a country with very many islands. The country has over 30 islands making it a great place for adventure. During the honeymoon, you can enjoy traveling around the different islands that have made Japan a paradise. Here, there is a great view of beautiful nature with some beaches that surround the islands. The islands such as Kerama Island are also great for marine life giving you a chance to see the rare species of whales called Humpback which is mainly viewed during winter.