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Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Morocco

Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Morocco

Although Morocco can be termed as safe, this only stretches out for people who want intimate and private tours. Tourists are also advised to keep off dark alleys and places they do not know well. Tourists are also encouraged to be wary of their tour guides as they may not be as trustworthy as they appear. Morocco is not very popular as a tourist attraction site. However, if carefully and well explored, it may turn out to be an excellent adventure area.

Morocco is most beautiful during its spring which occurs during March to May and may stretch up to June. This is when it is all green, lush and beautiful as flowers happen to be blossoming. Due to its proximity to the Sahara Desert, the temperatures are relatively high throughout the year ranging from warm to hot with the autumns being hot and mild winters. Couples are also advised to pack jackets because the desert weather tends to be freezing and windy nights. The best time for visiting Morocco is during its festivals which occur during March to June including Ramadan and the Nomads Festival. A nature-loving couple not only takes in the environment but also can share in the culture and norms as well as interact with the local natives.

A visit to Morocco is termed incomplete without a visit to the Marrakech Desert. The downside to this is that if not adequately prepared, this may be disastrous. This is because of frequent sandstorms that may make a return journey hard and without food and water may be deadly. Tourists are advised to go with guides since they are more conversant with the desert. Also, this trip is done on a camel’s back and thus makes it more fun. Tourists may be engaged in cooking classes where they may be taught how to prepare local cuisines and also at the end of the day able to speak a word or two in Arabic.

Morocco is historic. Ancient buildings and mosques and authentic architecture may be a source of thrill for a nature-loving couple and may prove to be photogenic. The Morocco Market also has goods and trademark clothing that may act as souvenirs. During the off-peak season traveling to and fro is relatively low and so is accommodation in the hotels and as earlier stated. 

Morocco is a beautiful country with beautiful scenery and sites to behold. It is a Music country whereby it is advisable to do enough research as it is not as liberal, for instance, one should dress modestly as per the religious obligations. However, besides that, the natives are hospitable, and it is worth a try. The deserts, Mountains (Atlas), and oceans provide avenues for thorough enjoyment and Morocco at large provides an avenue for Cultural development and relaxation too.