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Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Myanmar

Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Myanmar

One-third of the perimeter of this small country is a coastline, one thousand nine hundred kilometers to be precise out of a total of five thousand eight hundred kilometers. Tourism in Burma, however, is not well developed and has not been utilized to its full capacity as an economic activity due to the tense political situation in the country. However, it has been steadily growing with the number of foreign tourists hitting one million in 2012.

The timing of your visit is critically important as the vagaries of weather tend to be intense with torrential rainfall and strong winds during some months of the year. The best months of the year to visit Myanmar are from November to February. The weather around this period tends to be neither too hot nor too cold owing to the cool breezes blowing in. With the poor infrastructure in Myanmar, the roads become impassable during the rainy season to the extent that some beaches are closed due to inaccessibility such as Ngapali Beach.

Myanmar is a country rich in culture, history and spectacular beauty. This country has numerous Buddhist temples, most notably, The Chauk-htat-gyi Temple with ancient, steady and beautiful architecture and quite photogenic. Tourists are also advised to visit Myanmar during its festivals as this is when the city is most lit up and beautiful and a flurry of activities, and thus busiest. Then, they can interact with locals; learn their language, way of life and their most spectacular cuisines and how to prepare them. Also, these festivals bring a lot of goods to one place, in that people can buy souvenirs, clothing, jewelry that are unique to the people of Myanmar.

For a nature-loving couple, Inhle Lake is a definite stop. Here they can be engaged in fishing. Tourists can be apprentices to artisans, fishers and silk weavers and learn about how to sew nets and how to fish. Also, the fish is prepared and may be eaten and thus not only a source of enjoyment but also a source of pride. The lake also has houses built over water, and this may be a spectacle and photogenic.

However as earlier stated, unstable political climate may be a downside and unfavorable and slightly harsh; thus, the couple should have conducted adequate research, most preferably at the embassies or tourism agencies. Also, proper research conducted on natives and the best way to interact should be adopted and even modesty in dressing so as not to be conspicuous, and also enable locals to be more inviting. However, despite all this Myanmar is a country one should visit. The beautiful scenery, poignant culture, poignant and photogenic architecture is a must-see for nature lovers. And the non-ending attractions and physical features are indeed intriguing.