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Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: New Zealand

Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts:  New Zealand

The best time to visit New Zealand is during the spring season which is from September to November. It is a great time to visit New Zealand because the Ski season is still on although it's coming to an end. There are so many fun activities that honeymooners can engage in which include white water rafting as the snow from the mountains starts to melt. This is also the season in which the flowers start to bloom with other greener vegetation. This gives the landscapes a beautiful natural feel. This time is perfect for honeymoon photography since the sun is neither too hit nor is it too gloomy.

New Zealand has a beautiful landscape that is filled with mountains, valleys, rainforests, coastal glaciers, fish-filled rivers, fjords and many more. All these places are outstanding destinations for a great honeymoon adventure. They are the likes of places like Milford Sound, Mount Cook, Mirror Lake, Mitre Peak, Tongariro National Park, and the Fox Glacier. The topography makes New Zealand be a great spot for most of the Adrenaline-fueled activities. These activities include jet boating, skydiving, mountain biking, hiking, trailing, water rafting, lugging and many more.

Wildlife is another major attraction for tourists in New Zealand. Visitors get the opportunity to experience the beautiful wildlife of the country. There are very many and diverse species of animals in the landscapes due to the nature of the weather and habitats available to home the animals. From the Alpine Parrot to the dolphins to the "living Dinosaurs," New Zealand has so much to offer. Before the settlement of humans in this country, the land was 85% covered by different animal species most of which were birds. Bird watching is one of the activities that honeymooners would enjoy as they explore the wilderness of the country.

On a typical day in the sea, you might get a close-up encounter with the world's greatest tooth predator which is the Giant Sperm Whale. You will also be able to see dolphins, Fur seals, and the endangered Wandering Albatross. Whales are the most predominant creatures in the ocean as many species come with different seasons including the Humpback Whale, Pilot Whale, and the Blue Whale. Who would want to miss such an experience for their honeymoon?

The culture of New Zealand is beautiful as the people are so welcoming and you will be treated to some of the most tantalizing cuisines. As a honeymoon destination for those who want to experience something different from their ordinary life, New Zealand is highly recommended. You will be able to join in some of the country's festivals and events and celebrate together with them depending on what time of the year you will be there. Accommodation is also relatively cheap as compared to that of other places.