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Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Peru

Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Peru

Peru has a great area that is just perfect for surfing activities which is one of the most enjoyable water activities. You can try surfing the North coastline which is around 3000km long. The experience is one of a kind due to its big swells, un-crowded breaks, and a great surfing set.  For you to enjoy the best from the curls, you can consider following wave riders from Lima and move Northwards to a place called Langui settlement. Here you get some people settling here associated with a culture of having a slow life. The most appropriate time for surfing is between September and May months.

The country also has beautiful islands that you can spend nights such as Lake Titicaca leading the park with lots of cultures association including the belief that this is the same place where the sun was born. The islands have their unique sapphire colored water that its unique in its way, upon touching it, it gives you a different feeling than the usual feeling. After exploring the waters, you can consider spending the night on the lakes island. You will find some rural settlements in the area where the people live depending on the changing rhythm of the season. You can also get the chance of enjoying the sunset which has bright gleaming waters from the island. You can go to the place at any time of the year since the experience is always different.

Also, you can visit areas with high heights during your honeymoon and Peru has perfect places such as the southern part of the Peruvian Desert is a tiny oasis called Huacachina. Enjoy a different experience on adrenaline rushes. The venue also gives you a great experience of going the top part of a dune which is almost the size of a building, strap on board then free yourself down all at once towards wall made of sand. If you find this being too much scary, then you can consider taking over dunes in a buggy. Going during the off-peak season for tourist will always do you a favor.

Peru is very privileged to have a portion of Amazon. This is very prominent due to its diversity regarding lives that exist and also the wide rainforest that has been used for different cultural activities. You can consider going to this place and get to see some of the key tributaries that join to form the famous Amazon River which is associated with a wide range of wild animals that are spotted along the river such as tapirs, flocks of cackling macaws and ocelots. At the Amazon Basin, you will get the chance to see the Parque Nacional Manu which is among the wildest corners of the world.