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Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Saint Bart’s

Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Saint Bart’s

Saint Barthélemy mostly attracts the world’s high society, and there is a strong reason for that. Being one of the tinier islands in the French West Indies, it is also one of the most beautiful. The atmosphere of the island is relaxed as any Caribbean place even though it is glamorous. A trip to St. Bart’s is having a tiny taste of the good life.

During the day, there are so many activities to participate in such swimming in the pearly waters or lazing on the immaculate sandy coastlines. There are so many water sports to take part in everywhere. If you either are snorkelers or first-timers, you may want to visit the Gouverneur or Shell beaches. For surfing, you may try Anse Des Cayes or Toiny. You may also choose to snorkel in the public beaches to explore the aquatic animals in the coral reefs.

At night, the island offers sunset cruises that are romantic and provide a way to explore and enjoy the island from a different view. You and your partner may decide to get reservations local high-end restaurants under the star-lit night sky that will ensure that you have the most romantic nights of your lives. Restaurants such as the boisterous Le Ti St-Barth that doubles as a lively nightclub with beautiful showgirls will increase the bond between the happy couple.

The best time to visit the Saint Bart’s is during the summer when it is gorgeous during the summer from December to June. The weather on the island is reliable; hence, you and your partner can decide and rely on the time you choose to vacation on the island. For a couple who are price-conscious, then the hotels tend to offer the best deals between May and June during the high season. The rates are even better between July and November; however, the months are unreliable due to the hurricane risk.

St. Bart’s Island brags of possessing an opulent and exciting dining scene. Most of the restaurants are set next to the beach hence evoke a chilled atmosphere both during the day and at night when dining. Restaurants like the Case de L’Isle at Cheval Blanc are especially lovely at lunch since when they set up your meal right next to the beach under a large restaurant canopy. The classic Maya’s, a favorite beach restaurant at Public Beach that has the culture of swapping the fresh Creole flavors menu daily. The island has a wide variety of cuisine choices from Italian to Japanese that ensures that every meal you have is a treat.

In conclusion, remember the best time to visit Saint Bart’s Island is between mid-December to mid-April when the weather is mildly hot but still gorgeous. You get to the island by flying from St. Martin through San Juan and then boarding a ferry or a short commuter flight over to St. Bart’s. Although getting to the island involves a little extra amount of effort, the trip logistics are more than worth the hustle once when the two of you have your toes in the soft sand sipping chilled champagne while you watch the sun setting over the beautiful shores.