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Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Scotland

Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts:  Scotland

Scotland has thousands of historic sites and attractions which include prehistoric Stone Circles, Standing Stones, Burial Chambers, and various Early Age remains. All these are found in different places which are the best places to visit in Scotland.

The best time to visit Scotland is in the spring season that is from March to May and in the autumn months that is from September to November. This is because during the spring season the temperatures are warmer, and this is the perfect timing for activities such as sightseeing, hiking through the mountains, mountain biking and trailing among others.

Scotland is surrounded by Bracing waters of the Atlantic Ocean and has 700 Islands. Most of these are in the western and the northern parts of the country, people come to visit these Islands for their beautiful landscapes and cool weather which is perfect for a honeymoon away from the ordinary busy town life, couples can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the ocean when on the islands and have a more relaxing time. Photography is also simply amazing because of the natural beauty of the Islands.

Scotland is well known for having a varied landscape which results in a dramatic scenery of mountains and rolling hills, valleys, green fields, rugged coastlines, and forests. These places give habitat to very many species of all kinds of animals and birds. The seas in Scotland are the most biologically productive with over 40,000. Scuba diving and snorkeling are awesome in the seas for the presence of a great underwater experience. There are only six amphibians and four reptiles that are native to Scotland. The diverse temperature environments are a perfect home for the wildlife community. Tourists who come to visit Scotland for tourism have a variety of places to go to such as the Cairngorms National Park which is the largest park in the United Kingdom, Isle of Mull which is the second largest Island of the Inner Hebrides, Knap dale Forest and the Inver mark Estate.

Scotland has the most beautiful and rich cultural heritage that is defined by most of the cultural festivals that are there throughout the year. There are over 200 festivals every year which include the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. These festivals give a great opportunity for tourists to mingle with the locals and learn more about the cultures and traditions of the country. The Cowalfest is the best for a couple seeking adventure in the country since it is a walking festival that takes place in the midst of natural splendor of the Cowal Peninsula with walks focusing on the wildlife of the country, the natural heritage, art, folklore or just trailing in the mountain ranges. Isn't that exciting?

As much as kindness goes, the locals of Scotland are the kindest and most friendly people. The cuisines are unique and tasty, and the accommodation is relatively cheaper during the low seasons due to the thinned-out crowds. This is simply one of the most amazing places to go to for your honeymoon for a wild experience.