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Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Spain

Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts:  Spain

Many times, visitors are drawn to the Kingdom of Spain for its exquisite beauty. It is known as the country of passion because the Spaniards themselves are passionate people and they know how to enjoy life. The best time to go to Spain for your honeymoon is during the spring season when there is warm weather; long nights and the festivals are in abundance. Some of these festivals include the Music Festival that is in Barcelona which brings thousands of people from across the globe and international artists who come in plenty. Others include the Jerez Horse Fair and Feria De Sevilla which masses up food, drinks, music, and dancing, to mention a few.

Sightseeing in Spain is perfect during the Autumn Season since the weather is much milder than the summer or winter. Some of the sights that one would consider visiting with their partner include the Canary Islands, Donana National Park, Sierra Nevada, and Fiesta de Los Toros. 

During the spring season, the crowds thin out making it perfect to have an outdoor picnic in the beaches or a quiet sun-gazing in the morning and evening when you and your partner are out for your honeymoon. Photography is captured to perfection because of the mild sun which gives perfect reflections, especially during the evening.

Wildlife in Spain is also another major tourist attraction. In the midst of Spain's thick rainy forests, there are some interesting species of wildlife that one can see. These are the likes of the Bearded Vulture, Spanish Imperial Eagle, Iberian Lynx, Iberian Wolf, and the Eurasian Brown Bear, all these are known as the ‘Big Five.' An adventurous couple can trail the mountains and exploit some of the country's beautiful flora and fauna.

Spain has a great landscape structure; there are quite some fun activities that a couple can engage in their honeymoon. These include camping, going on bike tours, scuba diving and snorkeling, kayaking and canoeing and taking wildlife tours. Some prominent places and activities are terrific for honeymooners. These include Do! Valencia in Valencia, Spanish Trails by Alba Programas, Vol de Coloms, Siempre en las Nebes and Nevada Guides day tours. The City of Rome is a highly preferred city by lovers because as they say, "Rome is the city of Love." This is where you will find outstanding venues that are perfect for a romantic adventure with your partner.

Another highly preferred place for couples is the city of Barcelona for its outstanding structures that are captivating and which could make up for an interesting honeymoon destination. The architecture of Barcelona is simply amazing, and photography in the city is perfect due to the many colors which will brighten up your photos and your day too.