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Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Uruguay

Honeymoon Destinations for Outdoor Enthusiasts: Uruguay

When scheduling a romantic getaway with your partner, then Uruguay should be at the top of your destinations. This country is flooded with so many romantic places that will guarantee your honeymoon holiday the best experience. Some of the top places to visit are included below.

The Historic Quarter, which has been reserved as a UNESCO Heritage Site makes Colonia so widely held. This area has numerous museums, churches, and old buildings lined in the old cobblestoned boulevards. The historic amphitheater, Plaza de Toros, and the picturesque river public walk make this destination a hub for romantic relaxations. You and your partner will bathe in so much history that will light up the romance in your relationship.

Uruguay is among the best beach resort country in South America. The beautiful sandy beaches and the modern city amenities are what appeal to many lovers who visit this resort country. For instance, in Punta, you will surely enjoy every moment with your partner. There are so much water activities on the beaches to be absorbed in. A visit to the famous fingers sculpture in one of the Punta Del Este’s beaches would engross you and make you desire more of the country. Montevideo, the vibrant and contemporary capital of Uruguay, is situated on the Plata River estuary and offers numerous stunning beaches along its twenty-mile long coastline.

If you desire a slightly rustic yet romantic place, then the coast of Rocha is the ideal destination for you to spend your honeymoon holiday. The beach of Rocha offers a variety of passion-evoking places such as CaboPolonio, a hamlet located in the eastern coast of Uruguay with no main roads leading but accessible by walking through the dunes or by a four-wheel drive vehicle, and La Paloma, a small city in Rocha. Climbing to the top of the Lighthouse of CaboPolonio might be a bit dizzying, but the experience of getting some of the best views is so worth it.

For couples who are a bit country then Uruguay should be the honeymoon destination of your choice. Uruguay is filled with so many farmlands and vineyards that you and your partner would enjoy. Many tourists and honeymooners enjoy taking a drive and touring the vast tracts of land in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Many of the vineyards offer wine tasting events with so many varieties of wines and champagnes hence these road trips should be in your schedule. Also, around Montevideo, just a half hour drive from Montevideo, Uruguayans boast of amusingly having more cattle than people in their fascinating country and soon you and your partner will be convinced of this fact as well as enjoy your honeymoon as you travel its roads.

In conclusion, Uruguay lures plenty of vacationers with its relaxed lifestyle. You know a destination should be the choice for you when masses of people from the neighboring countries flock there in their droves. Even more impressive little Uruguay is the holiday destination to watch in Latin America because of the beaches and the amazingly hip towns that line the shore.