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How and Where Can I Donate My Wedding Gown After the Wedding?

How and Where Can I Donate My Wedding Gown After the Wedding?

When you think about what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding, realize that the gown has not lost its worth and you should keep it somewhere safe. Similar occasion may present itself, and the same dress can be reused. The value of the wedding dress is best known to the bride. The decision to have the wedding gown donated must come from the couple and is often based on the couple beliefs and wishes.

For those couples with religious beliefs, they may choose to donate the wedding gown to the church or an organization. Some of the choices include.

Donate the Wedding Dress to the Less Fortunate

Think of a couple who dreams to have an ideal wedding and can’t afford to buy a gorgeous wedding gown like yours. You should research those who are planning for a wedding, who can’t afford to raise enough funds for a decent wedding dress and donate your gown to them. Sometimes it is easier to donate the wedding dress to a church. They can decide to have it for hire, which can be of significant help. By doing so, you will make the dreams of those less fortunate come true.

Donate the Wedding Gown to Charitable Organizations 

There are many charitable organizations in the country. You can choose one and donate your wedding dress. The organization can make good use of the gown, as they have it hired at lower cost, such that even the less privileged can afford to have their bride wear the dream wedding gown at a lesser fee.

Storing a Wedding Dress Is Not an Easy Task 

If you want to preserve your wedding dress for many years to come, it should be done professionally. There are wedding dress preservation companies to help you with that. It is up to you if you think it's worth investing instead to give it to someone or sell it.  

Donate the Wedding Dress to a Friend 

If you have a friend who is planning to have a wedding, you can decide to give her your wedding gown as a gift, if she won’t mind. It is okay to donate your precious treasure as it shows great love and humility.

Giving back to society is very important, and the act of donating your wedding dress to those who need it most is a beautiful act of kindness.