How Big Should My Wedding Be?

When planning a wedding, various factors such as your finances, the venue, and the guest list usually contribute to the size of your wedding. In an ideal world, you should get to invite everybody you want to your wedding, but sadly, that is impossible. So what dictates the size of your wedding? And just how big should your wedding be? To answer these questions, you should first consider the following factors.

One of the primary factors to be taken into account should be your wedding financial plan. The size of your budget should be your number-one priority when considering how big the wedding should be. If you have a huge allocation, then you can afford to invite many guests and pay for a large venue. If your budget is small, you will have no option but to limit the number of guests coming to your wedding and to choose a venue that you can afford.

The other factor is the guest list. When planning your wedding, there are those guests who you have to invite, and there are those that are invited by your family. Both families will have individuals who they would like to be present at your wedding, and some of the people on their list are usually a must-invite. Therefore, after completing your budget and knowing the number of guests you would like to have in your wedding, set the limit on the guests your families can add. If you have a huge budget, you can afford to have many guests.

The next thing to consider is the size of your venue. After you have chosen the perfect venue for your wedding, it is important to make sure that the venue can fit the guest list you have created to ensure that everybody will be comfortable wherever they are seated. When choosing the venue ensures that you pick a venue that has enough space for all your guests. If the venue is too large and the guests are few, then this can create a gloomy mood for your wedding due to the empty spaces. The type of wedding you will have affects the size of the ceremony. Is your wedding a civil ceremony? Is it a destination wedding? Is it a religious wedding? Civil and destination weddings usually do not require having too many guests present due to lack of space.

Religious weddings, on the other hand, can be huge, medium, or small depending on your budget. The good thing is whichever size your budget will afford you; your wedding will still be outstanding. Large weddings give you the freedom to invite a lot of friends and families making no one feel left out from big day. The only inconvenience huge wedding can have is that entertaining a crowd is very tiresome and often feels less personal. Small weddings, on the other hand, create intimate, composed and meaningful tone since you are surrounded by the warmth of your closest family and friends on your big day.

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