How Big Should My Wedding Be?

Elegant event setting for wedding reception

Planning your wedding could be compared to making a cake. You might know of a recipe or have read one in cookbook. If you want to double your recipe, you would need to consider all the ingredients and adjust all of them. New guests mean more than just additional chairs. With each guest comes details that shouldn’t be overlooked. For example, you must send invitations, which means stationery, stamps, etc. You must make sure that the venue you choose will be able to hold all your guests without being overcrowded. There are also things such as wedding favors, catering and the size of the wedding cake!

You can prepare your guests list in different ways. You can make it according to your dream list and then you reduce it according to your budget. You could also set it up by considering the cost for each guest you’re adding to the list. First, you might want to make a “must invite” list and then add new guests as long as it meets your budget. Find your own way but never underestimate the cost of each guest.

If you must reduce your list, break people down into categories. For example, a person you see every day and share a very strong bond with would not be in the same category as a friend you went to college with that you haven’t seen in over five years. It is the same thing when it comes to this distant uncle you see occasionally. However, to those people you can’t afford to put on your list, you can send them a nice card to announce your wedding. Well-chosen lovely words can let them know you are thinking of them on this special occasion. They will share your happiness one way or another.

If the cost is paid by your family, it is a different matter. Great for you! It is also important to consider their side. The one who signs the check may have some expectations regarding the size of the guest list and other aspects of the wedding. However, never forget that it is your wedding, not theirs. Of course, you can make some concessions, but you are not obligated to accept anything. It might be necessary to whip out your diplomatic talents for the planning to run smoothly!

Another aspect to consider is the venue itself. You might be willing to perform your wedding outdoors in the country, by the sea, in a luxury hotel or in a very special place you’ve dreamed of since you were a kid. Your dream venue could also dictate the size of your guest list.

So that this beautiful day does not become a nightmare in its planning, be smart, keep organized and keep your plan simple. All those details are the ingredients that will make your cake stunning and delicious!

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