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How Long Can a Wedding Cake Sit Out?

How Long Can a Wedding Cake Sit Out?

A wedding cake is one of the oldest traditions in weddings. Saving the top tier for the first anniversary is believed to bring good luck and means the couple will have a long and happy life together. However, a wedding cake, just like any food is perishable. To prevent such a problem, here are some pointers on how you can preserve your wedding cake and make it last longer.

Naked cake

If you are looking to have a wedding cake with elaborate decorations, then it is advisable to bake the cake early. This will give you enough time to decorate it. However, how can you make sure the cake does not go bad before you are done with the decorations? You should let it cool off completely, before covering it tightly with plastic. Wrapping it up while still warm will lead to steam, which will make the cake lose its freshness. The wrapped cake should be stored at room temperature and in a dry place for a few days. You can even keep it in a freezer for one month.

Iced cake

Thorough icing with fondant and buttercream goes a long way in helping seal the moisture in the cake. If it has been frosted, it can stay fresh for quite some time. Although fondant and buttercream do not provide a foolproof way of preserving the cake, they still help in keeping the dust-out. In humid or hot weather, the cake can be kept in a freezer. However, you should avoid keeping it in a freezer if the fondant is tinted. The difference in temperature causes condensation, which means the colors will start to bleed out.

Sliced cake

If you have already cut the cake, then you will be in a race against time. One thing you can do to preserve a sliced cake is resealing it, by spreading the icing all over it. You can also seal the sliced part with a plastic sheet. You should ensure that you cover all the exposed edges. After that, you should wrap the whole cake with a plastic sheet and store it in a freezer.

Wedding cake

According to wedding traditions, the top tier of the cake is preserved for the couple to consume on their first anniversary. This is the part where the cake can easily go bad. The cake should be placed in a refrigerator for about 30 minutes so that the icing can harden. Once it has become firm, you should cover it with a plastic sheet, to seal it completely. You also need to add a layer of aluminum foil above the plastic sheet, put the whole package in an airtight container or a freezer bag and then store it in a freezer.