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How Long Is the Average Engagement?

How Long Is the Average Engagement?

The truth is that there is no one definite answer to that question and this is because your engagement should be as brief or as lengthy as you and your partner want or require it to be. Several elements might determine how long your engagement should be and some of them are such as the situation you both are in. If for instance, you are living far away from your fiancé, then, the engagement period might be longer compared to those of a couple living together. Also, if your partner is yet to complete his/her education, that situation can make your engagement period to be longer than usual.

Also, if you are both anxious to make big life decisions such as starting a family or even moving in together and you want to make this kind of choices after you are formally married, then a brief engagement period might work best for you. Other factors that influence how long your engagement period will be such as your work schedule and when your dream wedding venue will be available. Having a very hectic work itinerary can affect the duration of your engagement since you will not have the time required for planning a wedding hence prolonging the engagement period.

In the United States, the typical engagement length is between twelve and eighteen months which kind of explains why winter is the most favored time to get engaged while summer is the most favored time to get married. The type of wedding you might be planning can also affect the duration of the engagements period as individuals planning for a small wedding usually requires less time compared to those planning for a huge wedding. Also, if a couple seeks the services of a wedding planner, then their engagement period is more likely to be briefer compared to that of a couple who are doing all the planning for themselves. This is because a wedding planner is able to take care of all wedding details more expeditiously and efficiently.

Those couples who are great decision makers are more likely to have brief engagement period compared to those who are always indecisive since they will figure out what they want early. Finances also play a primary role in determining the duration of the engagement. If a couple has the cash they need to have their dream wedding, then, the couple is more likely to have a shorter engagement period compared to the couple with minimal resources. If a couple does not have enough capital for their wedding, it is better for them to have some extra time so that to be able to save enough money for the wedding. Another reason that can make a couple to have a longer engagement period is if they enjoy this time of their life too much. If you enjoy the engagement period, don't rush, just take your sweet time and tie the knot when you are ready.