How Many Bridesmaids Should I Have?

It is safe to say that a wedding cannot be complete without the bridesmaids. This is not something that has just started, the practice of having bridesmaids at weddings started way back. Their obligations vary in different cultures and in distinct eras. For example, in Ancient Roman times, ten observers were required to make a wedding legally binding, and during this period, the attendants formed an entourage that took the spouse to the bridegroom’s suburb.

Today, however, bridesmaids are not obligated to go through all that hustle as their duties are now less risky than before. But is there a limit of bridesmaids in a single wedding? Normally, twelve is usually the limit for bridesmaids even though an individual can have as many as they want. What seems to influence the number of bridesmaids most is the nature and the size of your wedding. A semiformal wedding, for example, can have two to six attendants, with a flower girl and a ring bearer. An informal wedding, on the other hand, will most often have a maid of honor, a best man, and one or even two bridesmaids and groomsmen without a ring bearer and flower girls.

A formal wedding is the form of a wedding that calls for a lot of attendants due to its huge guest list. Take, for example, a formal wedding of three hundred plus expected guests. This may need up to but not limited to twelve attendants, a ring bearer, a flower girl, and ushers. So, for you to know the right number of bridesmaids to have on your big day, the following should be considered;

  • Your wedding style. As stated before, this is the most important factor when determining the number of bridesmaids to have in your wedding.
  • Your wedding size. A hugebridal party with huge budget allocation and with many guests should have many attendants, and a smallbridal party with a smallbudget and a few guests should have a small number of attendants.
  • Remember that there is no overriding rule about the number of bridesmaids in a single wedding. Therefore, unless it is a religious or a long-established requirement, the number of bridesmaids can change.

When considering the above factors and reasons, there is no reason whatsoever for spending too much time thinking about how many attendants you should have by your side on your big day. There is no strict number written in stone on the issue of bridesmaids. That number depends purely on your own will, budget and decision. After all, a beautiful blushing bride surely needs someone to stand by her side. So go ahead and look at the nature of the wedding that you want to do, come up with your budget and know the size of the wedding. Afterward, decide on the number of the bridesmaids that will best suit your type of wedding. This will be your biggest day, hence do what will make you happy and leave you satisfied.

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