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How Much Input Should the Groom Have on the Bachelor Party?

How Much Input Should the Groom Have on the Bachelor Party?

Will the groom put up with a night of tequila shots and lap dances? Does he trust his best man to organize the ideal stag night, or would the groom like the chance to throw in his two cents about his bachelor party? How about who is ultimately on the guest list – does the groom have any real say about who's coming to see him off from his life as a single man?

The Groom’s Limits

There aren't any strict rules when it comes to planning the ultimate bachelor party. After everything is said and done, what we're talking about is an event that could take the party anywhere, from the swankiest steak dinner in the smartest restaurant in town to the sleaziest and sweatiest lap dancing dive.

With this kind of range, it really is hard to define any fixed precedents. As a result, if the groom wants to have a say about how he is sent off, he can go right ahead and speak his mind.

If the groom knows his best buddies are planning an event that he just won’t be able to deal with – especially if there is any fear that his fiancé wouldn't choose to walk down that aisle with him afterward – he needs to tell them before the party goes up in smoke.

Likewise, if the groom has always wanted for one last very wild night before he ties the knot, he should let the best man know what's on his mind.

The Groom Should Not Define Everything

The best man needs to make sure the groom is not too involved in the fun and games of planning the event.

The groom really does not want to be dealing with organizing his own party. Details like hiring any limos, making all the reservations and more can turn out to be a very dull and boring hassle.

This is where the best man and the groom’s brother-in-law should be inside the groom’s thoughts about the event itself; then the groom should be able to sit back and let his mates do all the dirty grizzly work. There is one caveat: The groom is allowed to adopt a laissez-faire attitude to the antics of his friends, but he really must be given the responsibility of signing off on the guest list. It really wouldn’t be clever to have any of his enemies in attendance – it would ruin the fun for absolutely everyone.

Tame Any Tensions

For the groom’s last bash as a bachelor, the organizer will want to be sure of avoiding the invitation of anyone who might kill the party’s buzz.

It’s not just bad acquaintances but also testy relatives who the groom probably barely knows: the frat bro who was too relentless during the hazing phase and any of those other annoying people the groom has always politely put up with for the sake of the many.

In plain language, the bachelor party is too important to sacrifice for the sake of being politically correct. But make sure no one is missing from the final list. This includes co-workers, squash buddies, bookies. You know the people the groom just couldn't have a party without.