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How Much Money Should I Put Aside for Dress Alterations?

How Much Money Should I Put Aside for Dress Alterations?

Once you have chosen the wedding dress you may need to have it altered to bring out your best figure. However, remember you are operating on a budget and the last thing you want is to blow most of your set aside having the dress altered. Here are few tips that can help you decide on the amount of money you want to dedicate to dress alterations.

Know When to Get the Alterations

Generally, most of the brides undergo four alterations before the wedding day. Therefore, you have to get the timing right. Going too early for the wedding dress alterations can prove to be costly because people tend to gain and lose weight over time. Therefore, you can have the dress altered to fit your figure only to gain a few pounds along the way. In such a scenario, you will be forced to have it altered again so that it can fit you. It is advisable to alter the dress every three months. This way, you will have adequate time to have the final touches done before the wedding day.


Know Where to Get the Alterations

The most obvious place you can go to for modifications is the place where you bought the wedding dress. However, it is not a must to go there, if you feel you are not capable of financing the alteration process. In such a case, you can opt to go to a dressmaker who specializes in wedding gowns. You might be surprised that the alterations will be much cheaper, while still yielding the same results. However, when going to a dressmaker, make sure that he or she is experienced. This is important because if the seamstress ruins the wedding dress, you cannot take it back to the place you bought it.


Know What to Bring Along

When taking your wedding dress for alterations, there are a couple of things that you should bring along with you. One of the most important things is the shoes that you will be wearing during the wedding day. Bringing different shoes can dramatically change the effects of the alterations. In such a case, you might end up spending more money on modifications than you had planned.


Bring a Few Friends or Family Members

This is very important because they were most likely there when you bought your wedding dress. Having an outside opinion is important. It can be a waste of money and time if you go alone for the wedding dress alteration, only for you to be told it still does not fit you well. You will be forced to go back to the seamstress for another alteration, which will cost you more money than you had planned. Bringing some people along is a big advantage because they will make sure the seamstress has done the job right.