How Should I Choose My Wedding Venue?

Beautiful table setting at an outdoor wedding venue.

Finding the ideal wedding venue is crucial to your Big Day because it will play a vital role in the day’s success.

Similar to viewing a new home it is very easy to fall in love with a place before you have checked if the venue can fulfil all your requirements. The venue determines the number of guests that can be invited. It will influence the decor you choose. It may also have a part to play in the vendors that you are allowed to use. Perhaps it will affect your wedding date and eat up a lot of your wedding budget. Choosing the venue is an important decision.

Narrowing Down Your Search

Like discovering your wedding dress, when you find the venue you’ll know it. Picturing yourself on the big day you will know the style of the building is right. Exterior and interior alike need to work with the theme of the wedding.

Other very important criteria that must be kept in mind when hunting for a venue include:

Is the Capacity Right?

Do you need a large-capacity venue, or would you prefer something more intimate and smaller? A venue’s size can impact your budget heavily as well as the enjoyment of your party. Too small and the space will be overcrowded and stuffy. Too big and the space can feel cold. Before you choose, roughly put together your guest list so you can narrow the options.

Ask the venue to provide a seating plan of the room to give you an idea of how much space exists and whether your guests will comfortably fit.

Is the Location Right?

A venue has to be easy for your guests to go to. A suitable venue needs to be easy to access, have accommodation on site or nearby, and when you have any guests arriving from abroad the distance they are going to have to travel from the airport needs to be considered.

Does the Venue Fit with Your Theme?

Consider if the venue would work with and even enhance your wedding. If you are looking for glamour, impressive country houses or stunning mansions may work. If you desire a modern theme, then warehouses or art galleries may be ideal. If you are wanting access to an outdoor space then garden marquees, castles with large grounds, or venues connected to sporting facilities may be the choice to make.

Venues can even influence choices of wedding dresses. Formality, weather, and the facilities can all have a bearing.

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