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How to Choose the Perfect Hairdo for Your Wedding

How to Choose the Perfect Hairdo for Your Wedding

Will I wear my hair upwards or down, curly or smooth, no braids or with braids? These are some of the questions a bride can find herself asking when trying to decide the best hairdo for her wedding celebration. Even though by the time you decide to start looking for the best hairdo the hard decision-making parts are usually over, you still find it hard picking the ideal hairdo which you will wear on your big day.  So how do you choose the perfect hairdo for your wedding? Before selecting the hairdo for you, there are some factors to consider and one of them is the shade and type of your wedding gown.

This is because your hairstyle should always crown your wedding dress rather than simply completing it. It is, therefore, a must for you to take into consideration the type of gown you have before settling on a specific style of hairdo. Remember that the formality of your outfit is usually vital as it lays down the angle you should take with your hair. The other thing to consider is the nature of your hair. Using a stylist you trust and knows your hair perfectly is very important when choosing the ideal hairdo for your wedding as they know all the little details of your hair. For instance, they know how much blow drying your hair usually needs.

The next factor is your character. What kind of an individual are you? Would you consider yourself as trendy and bold, or conservative and elegant? Knowing your character will help you to pick the best hairdo for your wedding as you will settle on a style that matches you. It is also important for you to consider the outline and facial characteristics. This is because if you happen to have a protracted face, wearing your hair tall and down will only make your face even longer and therefore you should consider taking your hair up a little bit.

For those with round faces, avoid having too much body curls around your face as it would make your face even rounder. And in case you have a square face, pulling your hair away from your face would be your best option as it would smoothen out your looks. The locale of your wedding venue should also be considered. Ask yourself about the climate of your venue locale, is it tropical or humid? In this case, you can you can pick hairdos that are comfortable to avoid you being sweaty and stuffy as you walk down the aisle.

If your wedding is on a beach, then ensure that the hairstyle you choose allows your hair to be free because there is nothing that is usually more attractive than wind playing with the hair of a beautiful bride as she walks down the aisle. It's usually magical. You can go ahead and choose two styles one for the wedding service and another for the reception. Consider all the above factors and pick whichever style works best for you and enjoy your special day.