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How to Choose the Right Dress for Your Body Shape

How to Choose the Right Dress for Your Body Shape

Different body shapes require different dresses, and before you go shopping for your wedding gown, the following two factors must be considered.

  • Determining the shape your body. You cannot get the right gown if you do not know what shape your body is. So pay special attention to your curves and look at how they connect with your hips, bust, and waist.
  • Make sure you have the measurements of your waist, your bust, and hip.

After you have come to a conclusion on the type of shape you have, then, you can start shopping for an ideal wedding gown that will fit you perfectly. The following are some of the body shapes available and what type of look works best for them.

  • A pear-shaped body. This means that you have a smaller bust and larger hips and waist. Shoulders are usually narrow and sloping, and it is this kind of body type that is often described as the curvaceous body. You can use scarves to highlight your shoulders to balance the shape of your figure. Pick a gown that will make your shoulder to look broader, preferably dresses with a bateau neckline.
  • An apple-shaped body. This is the body type where the bust is usually bigger than the hips. Women with this body shape have slim arms with wide shoulders. If you have this kind of shape, make sure you wear a dress that draws attention away from your waist and mid-section. A gown with a V-neck and A-line dresses will get the job done for you.
  • A rectangular body shape. This is the shape where the waist is almost the exact size of the bust and hips. However, people with this shape can still have a curvy bottom. Intensify your shoulder and bust line by including accessories that add volume to your upper part.
  • An hourglass shape. This is the least common shape with only about eight percent of ladies worldwide having this shape. Ladies with this shape have hips and bust with corresponding measurement and a narrow waist. This shape has a curve that complementary as fat is evenly distributed throughout. For this shape, you have to highlight the curves by picking a gown that draws attention to your waist. Make sure it fits you well as a baggy dress would not highlight your hips and bust. Gowns with V-neck are best for this kind of shape.

You can choose to seek the help of an expert to help you come up with the best dress for your body shape. Whatever you will settle on, it is important to choose a gown that focuses on your advantages as it will make you feel more complacent and appear more attractive.