How to Choose Your Best Man

bachelor party, multiethnic best men and groom laughing while standing with glasses of whiskey

In the planning of a bridal party, the groom and the bride usually have different roles and responsibilities. One of the responsibilities bestowed on the groom is choosing his best man. So how do you go about choosing the best man for your wedding? While men tend to be more collected about being picked as the best man or even omitted, a few issues should be looked at as trouble could still crop up. Whichever way you look at it, this is still a very delicate job even though not as difficult as choosing the maid of honor.

To be able to choose your best man, you first need to come up with a list of the contenders and then analyze it. Several possible challengers for this job are usually:

  • He makes the choice arduous because he is very close to you and he has been around you for most if not all your life. The other influential determinant is that while colleagues come and go, family is forever, and that makes him the most fitting person for this job since you are certain that in five or ten years henceforth, he will still be around you.
  • The next contender is the old friend. This is the gentleman you have known since you were children, but by some means, you disconnected. You talk or meet once in a while, but he might still have some expectations because of the unique history you share.
  • The responsible friend. He is not the first guy who comes to your mind when looking for company for a night out, but he is the most reliable individual you know. He is the type of person who gets things done.
  • The last contender is the best friend. He is your best You do everything in sync, and he is the first person who comes to your mind when requiring any assistance.

After coming up with the challengers’ list, the next step is usually to think about the responsibilities of the best man. Keep in mind that the best man will have to come up with a speech, calm the groom when needed, and welcome the guests. Therefore, the man you will choose must be reliable and organized. The next step is to look at the contenders’ individuality. Check if they can be able to handle the duties that come with being the best man. Can they make a speech in front of the guests? Do they have what it takes?

When choosing the best man, it is recommended that you select someone who gets along with everybody, especially your wife. It’s her big day too. Therefore, you should sit down with her so that you can get her opinion on your choice. If she has any reservations about your pick, she will be able to highlight them to you, and you can solve the issue together. That way, your wedding will be drama free and organized.

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